Visiiting Floridas Space Coast

Whether it’s a launch day or not, the Kennedy Space Center is an incredible stop on a Florida vacation. The Florida Space Coast in and of itself is the perfect destination for an all out vacation, but the center just makes it that much better.

The Kennedy Space Center is open for tourists on most days. What visitors can see is amazing, plus the trek will give guests a better idea of the country’s space program, its history and its future.

Visitors at the center can expect to see gallery after gallery of exhibits dedicated to individual launches and the people who manned the missions. The Apollo moon program, for example, is widely on display at the Cape and visitors will get a good run down of its history and accomplishments not only through a movie about the program, but also by seeing equipment from the missions and more.

In addition to the mission commemorations, a specially designed IMAX program involves an incredible movie that takes viewers into a mission where they can see what astronauts really do when they’re in outer space.

Guided tours of the facility are available and are worth taking, but they’re not always necessary. Those who choose to take the tours will get to see exclusive areas on the behind-the-scenes tour.

The center also offers visitors the chance to check out interactive space flight simulators in the Astronaut Hall of Fame. There’s a piece of Mars to be touched, rockets to see and generally a space shuttle that can be viewed.

Those who arrive on a launch day will get to see NASA in action. Although the shuttle doesn’t always go up when it’s supposed to, the sight when it does is phenomenal and earth shaking. Whether guests make it to the space center’s ground before launch or they watch it from the road, the view from the Space Coast is like no other.

In addition to the space center, visitors to the Space Coast will find themselves close to the sights of St. Augustine and within decent driving distance of Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona. There are plenty of beaches and other sites to visit while here, so a trip to the east coast and the center is perfect for those who want to take in a little high-tech action before heading to the beaches or other sites.

A source of American pride, the Kennedy Space Center is one of the country’s only operable space stations. Here visitors can get a really good idea about what goes on in the space program while learning about its past and its future. The stop is truly amazing.