Virtual Skateboard

Nowadays, skateboarding has been more than just a past time for most Americans, though not replacing baseball entirely, skateboarding is almost an expression in itself as teens and young adults would glide their way to feed their need to get aggressive. Of course it’s the same way when it comes to video games.

Some of the earliest known video games that include skateboarding would be California Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, where it features all sorts of events, including half-pipe skateboarding. Then comes the 90s and today.

One of the most prolific skateboarding games since started with Tony Hawk Pro Skater for the PlayStation One, which offers a more simplified control system that still offers some decent 3D graphics. About 4 sequels have been made until other versions have appeared. Tony Hawk Underground removes itself from its predecessor and into a more realistic setting where players start off as amateur skateboarders and earn their way up with bigger funds and sponsors as they grind their way to success.

It features a much larger (in PS1 standards) world that would allow exploration of the virtual city the playable character is living in. It spawned 2 sequels.

The current games from Tony Hawk are still uncontested, especially his American Wasteland series and the upcoming Proving Grounds, where players make their way with a whole new role-playing scenario, better graphics and controls that challenges players to actually control how the skateboarder should go.

While some of the contenders for virtual skateboarding are still in the market (or sold on eBay), there have been a few notables to go for. One such Example is EA Skate, from Electronic Arts. Meant for the next generation consoles, reviews for EA Skate have been positive by far, yet some would complain for its very difficult control system that would often let the character stumble and fall more often than needed.

But considering the graphics that delivers with the new game, this may be the only shoe-in to dominate the skateboarding video game that has been left unchallenged since Tony Hawk.

There are other skateboarding games to mention, but most would be from obscure games, and some meant for kids (like a few Disney games). But if any person who wish to aspire becoming a skateboarder without having to go outside, the Tony Hawk series would be the best way to skate freestyle, without insult nor injury.