Videoblogging Tricks2

A Look at Some Videoblogging Tricks

Well, as you might have already assumed, videoblogging is an industry that lives in a fast paced dimension. One blink and you’re left behind with the trend. The videoblogging tricks that we have here are not as “trendy” as you may want them to be. After all, at the time you read this article, it might be that months have already passed. So let’s begin…

When editing:
For your film’s sake, never ignore small particles of flaws in your film during post-editing. A few minutes are worth the editing than to watch your film in dismay because you managed to overlook a particular scene. Do yourself a favor then for once you look back, you’ll be happy to have taken that extra mile to take your video blog closer to perfection.

Get some internal feedback:
Once your film is done, it is best that you take a new eye to view the film. This means that you have to invite someone to watch with you. This is not so much with the feedback you might be getting or the impression you want to see on their eyes but the feelings you have knowing that someone else is watching your film. Make it a point that your viewer is not part of your video blog as this would largely affect the end product.

Keep it short (as much as possible):
We all know of the useless films that have been infiltrating the web world lately. Well, if you don’t want to be archived as unviewed or seldom viewed, then you must keep in mind two things: make good with your work and keep it short but stuffy.

Know the value of your viewer’s time. Note that the maximum viewing time in the internet is only around 3 minutes or less. If you are lucky, your viewer might toss in a couple of second then cuts the viewing of your videoblog.

Typically, removing 20 seconds or more from the film will do the trick of making your audience hang on their seats.

Get a decent cut on the film and you will never wonder if anyone has really viewed the whole stuff.

Find an editor for your video blog:
Each editor has his own taste and judgment on how he wants the films to come up. If you want fresher taste or a new perspective on your own film, it would benefit you if you’ll learn from anther editors’ style. This would not only help you with the basic techniques but could also share with you personal techniques.

Minimize the zoom:
Of course, zooms in filming is often indispensable so you need not abandon its use altogether. However, adding the benefits of dollies would greatly add in the quality of the video produced. This is like following the trend used in Hollywood where instead of zooming, they use dollies which by the way is 1000 times better.

Invest on a microphone:
Everyone gets a bad scene or two at times but what viewers can’t forgive is the quality of the sound. If you can’t fix this then your videos would likely be found in list of the unpopular videos. Whenever you can, don’t place microphones nearest to your camera as this would pick up the video cam’s internal sounds. Better yet, you can graduate to a mic with better quality.

Indulge into the daily magic
Nothing beats the magnificence of the sunrise and the sunset. If inspiration doesn’t come into you as to what scene you should use, it would do you good if you plunge into the scenes you might make using the effects of the rising and the setting sun.