Video Conferencing Facility

What to Look for in a Video Conferencing Facility

Any room in the office can become a video conferencing facility. This is because you only need the right hardware and software so people will be able to talk with other parties.

In terms of hardware, the video conferencing facility must have a camera. It should be able to record real time video at the same time produce real time output so you can immediately respond to questions and give comments.

You will also need a microphone so you can speak into this device and your message comes out through their speakers.

Voice and sound can only be compressed if you have a processor. There are many of them around so you just have to pick the right one that is compatible with the video conferencing software that you plan to install in your facility.

You will also need gateway which happens to be the network device that connects your network to the web. Some of those available have a firewall so again, it is up to you if you want get a system that has this feature.

If you don’t want to buy the hardware mentioned separately, you can invest in an integrated video conferencing unit that already has the entire package.

Ideally, you should use the H323 version in the video conferencing facility. This is because of its compatibility with other systems.

For those who don’t want to spend on a video conferencing facility, they can go to venues that offer this service. You have to make a reservation in advance so no one will take the slot that you wish to use.

Since most meetings do not take too long, many of these places charge by the hour. If you have to cancel or reschedule the meeting, you should call them at least 24 hours before so you will not be billed for the time that you reserved.

Places that have these video conferencing facilities include hotels, colleges and other training centers. You can look in the directory or online so you get to see how it looks like before using it as this place might just be your regular the next time you need to have another meeting.

The biggest benefit of having your own or going to a video conferencing facility is not having to spend on airfare and travel expenses just to attend a business meeting. This is as technology allows you to meet “virtually” with just about anybody wherever they are in the country or in the world.

As a result, other sectors have begun using this technology as well such as the justice department, schools and hospitals since this medium can have 5 to more than 50 people in attendance during a hearing, a meeting or in an online training session.

A video conferencing facility has the capabilities of reaching a worldwide audience thanks to its ability to go through IP networks, ISDN (Integrated System Digital Network) phone lines, firewalls, routers and Codecs (Coder/Decoder). You can invest in one or reserve a slot in a place that offers this so you can schedule a meeting.

Does this mean people do not have to travel anymore to meet each other? The answer is no but it will reduce the number of times you have to go there personally when issues have to be settled.