Video Blogging Resolution

Resolution Video blogging: A New Way to Follow a New Path

Most of us are familiar with voluntary change. Every once in a while, we make various types of resolutions that we feel would make our lives better. We make resolutions in order to change all of the mistakes that we made and make sure that we never make them again.

However, we all know how difficult it is to bridge the gap between making a resolution and following it. Most of the time, we need some help in order to draw us out of our comfort zones and into a changed life. Because of this difficulty, people often turn to such methods as resolution video blogging.

What is resolution video blogging? Well, it is the act of recording your progress in achieving change and sharing those video records to the whole world through the internet. Now what can a person get from resolution video blogging?

1) Companionship – it is hard to instigate change within yourself if you feel that you are all alone. By sharing this part of your life through resolution video blogging, you could actually feel that there are people who are supporting you through the process of change. You will be able to share the burden of change with people from all over the world. You will be able to share your hopes and your fears, your successes and your failures through resolution video blogging.

2) Help – people are not just there to provide you with a sense of camaraderie. They will also be able to provide you with the much needed encouragement in order to achieve your goal. People who are following your resolution video blogging chronicles would be able to share some tips in order for you to make the transition easier. You will also have access to criticisms. Sometimes, a bit of criticism can go a long way in motivating you to achieve your goal.

3) Motivation – People somehow manage to perform better in front of spectators. Most of those who engage in resolution video blogging do so in order to impose some discipline into themselves. By exposing their goal to other people, they do not get the luxury of self-delusion. They will be forced to face the truth, whether it is sweet or bitter. In the end, this will help them keep their eyes on the resolution and achieve the change that they desire.

Resolution video blogging, as you can see, gives a lot of benefits to those who do it. What you need to know now is how resolution video blogging could affect those who watch the videos. Well, there are three possible things that could happen:

1) Encouragement – your resolution video blogging could serve as an inspiration to people who are experiencing the same struggles. The main idea that you would be sharing with people is that they too can find it within themselves to truly stick to a resolution. In changing your life, you would be changing others’ lives as well.

2) Discouragement – of course, the exact opposite can happen. Should you fail, you will be giving other people an excuse to fail too. The great responsibility behind resolution video blogging is what deters most people from doing it. This responsibility, however, also encourages them to achieve their set goal.

3) Nothing – some people just watch resolution video blogging for the entertainment value. After that, it does not affect them in any real way.