Vicodin – Abuse and Effects

How it is abused?
Vicodin is one of the widely used painkillers in the US. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2007, 2.5 million Americans of age 12 or older abused to vicodin as painkiller in 2006. As it is mainly available in tablet form, it is consumed orally. This drug can also chew, or crushed, and snorted like cocaine. This diminishes the pain but with regular use, it becomes addiction. Vicodin abuse with alcohol or any other illicit drug abuse is more harmful. Vicodin drug addict becomes dependent on drugs, and increases the powerful craving to take more of it.

Effects of vicodin abuse
In last few years, the effects of vicodin became more dangerous than ever before. According to Drug Abuse Warning Network 2006, 7.4 million vicodin drug abusers visited emergency department because of the addiction effects. Constipation, speeding up or slowing down of pulse rate, nausea, and dizziness are few effects of vicodin abuse. Blurred vision, hallucinations, and confusion are few short-term effects of vicodin addiction.

Vicodin addiction is the misuse of mood altering drug or painkiller. This addiction has many devastating effects on a person’s mind. Allergic reactions, seizures, hyperventilation, jaundice, bleeding, stomach pain, decrease in urination, and hot flashes are harmful consequences of vicodin abuse. This addiction can cause liver failure and even death of the abuser with overdose of vicodin.

How to overcome the vicodin abuse
Today, many addicts are fighting hard to overcome vicodin abuse. According to Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 2007, 4.2% of total TEDS admissions are for the treatment to overcome vicodin abuse. No single type of treatment option is available for treatment of individual vicodin addiction. Vicodin addict should undergo medically supervised detoxification to taper the treatment dose. Behavioral therapies are effective treatment options for treating vicodin addiction.

This information gives you a brief overview about vicodin abuse and its effects. Giving moral support to vicodin addict and helping to abstain from the drug can make huge difference while treating the addictions. By knowing about the vicodin addiction, you can encourage and help vicodin abusers to overcome from the addiction.