Veteran Jobs – Where to Live and How to Leverage Job Openings

The Insurance Company USAA and the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes program have both ranked Houston as the top city in America for veterans who are looking for civilian jobs.

It has been cited that Houston jobs exhibit an impressive growth rate and the city also shows low levels of unemployment and great healthcare facilities along with higher education opportunities for veterans who are looking to complete their degrees on the GI Bill. Furthermore, there is an evident surge of jobs in Houston due to the existing number of businesses that are actively recruiting veterans.

Houston Job Openings for Veterans

Many industries in Houston as well as other parts of the United States have realized how the specific skill sets developed by veterans can be of benefit to their business. Retail, trade, transportation and the utility industries in Houston are known to be the highest recruiters of veterans. In addition to this, the energy sector and industrial construction sector has also been actively hiring veterans.

Other Jobs that Veterans can Consider

Software Development

The growing role of information technology in the armed forces results in members of the armed forces coming back some real world experiences that can be effectively applied in the corporate world. A growing number of companies are participating in the Joining Forces initiative and are also actively developing their own veteran employment training programs to help them transition into the goals of the software company. The median annual salary of a veteran software developer is about USD 90,530.

Training and Development Manager

With an average annual salary of USD 89,170; veterans are able to leverage their skills in problem solving and crisis management to up progressive jobs in the discipline of training and development. Companies love to hire veterans for this role so that they can prepare trainees and bring them up to speed faster. Veterans are known to bring in attitudes of leadership and a unique work ethic that revolves around helping others along.

Industrial Production Manager

Veteran industrial production managers earn about USD 87,160 per annum. The focus on manufacturing with an aim to work towards the economic recovery of the United States fortunately overlaps with the goals of many veteran rehabilitation and outreach programs. A group of manufacturing companies also launched the ‘get skills to work coalition’ with an aim to prepare veterans for jobs in industrial production.

Construction Program Manager

The improvement in job opportunities in construction also intersects with the increased demand of veteran hiring. In this discipline, a veteran has the chance to earn about USD 83,860.

Ship Engineer

A large number of veterans love to work with shipping companies since its contractual relationships with the US Navy for ship production gives them a chance to continue working with the armed forces. The median salary of a ship engineer is about USD 79,920.

In addition to this, other lucrative opportunities for veterans include that of an administrative services manager, telecommunications equipment installer and repairer and industrial engineering technician.