Vertical VS Horizontal Living

Living vertically can save your life and serve you in many ways. Since fear causes stress, and stress causes dis-ease, I know this phenomenon has assisted me to be healthy and safe.

For example, when the tragedy of 9/11 occurred, I naturally reacted at first like most people with feelings of disbelief, fear, anger, powerlessness, and sadness. When I looked horizontally at what was going on in the world, it was terrifying!

However, I immediately went vertical. I went up to my higher-self (my spirit) for clarity, guidance, and action. I asked my spirit, “What can I do?” My intuition, the language of my spirit, supplied me with a positive action. I heard to imagine the pink light of love flowing into the top of my head, down to the center of my chest (the heart area), and to send it out unconditionally to the victims and persecutors.

There are basically two emotions: love and fear. Fear is the cause of our problems and love is the solution. I believe that, Love is the universal antidote for the poison of fear.

No one hurts another when they are in their love space. We only create harm to others and ourselves when we are in fear. That includes anger, guilt, jealousy, resentment, etc. So obviously, the people who were involved in these destructive actions were in fear.

The loving act helped me to shift from fear to love. Besides feeling better, I was no longer contributing to the cause; that is, adding more fear. Everything is energy and our emotional feelings can affect many people. Sending the love energy also helped me feel powerful in that I could make a difference.

Living vertically has other wonderful benefits. When I want a parking spot, I go up and ask for assistance. I hear or feel a message to turn right, left, or go straight. There is always someone pulling out or a spot available for me exactly where I need it.

When I tune into my spirit, I receive great guidance as to what supplements to take, how to find a place to live, and what movies or restaurant to go to. The list is endless and the benefits are unlimited.

When I counsel people, I constantly go up to receive guidance and clarity. For example, Linda wanted to know why she was depressed. She had everything going for her from what we could see and understand horizontally. However, when I went vertical to check in with my intuition, I heard that Linda felt bad that her mother was not doing well, and she felt powerless to help her. Once I assisted the devoted daughter to release her guilt and responsibility for her mother’s life, she smiled and felt wonderful.

There have been many reports of people receiving an intuitive message not to go on a plane or train, and found out later that they crashed. I recall the story of the man who obviously went vertical and was guided not to go to work at the World Trade Center that tragic day. It is obviously very important to follow your intuition.

One of my joys in life is to teach people how to live vertically. It helps them relax and enjoy their life, because they are living from love, clarity, and safety. We have all the answers inside of us. Our wise “consulting service” is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Living vertically instead of horizontally is obviously the way to go!