Verizon Mobile Web 2.0

The Amazing Service from Verizon Wireless Company

Verizon wireless service is one the nation’s popular and leading wireless provider. The company is the biggest mobile company that serves almost 40 million consumers. For that, they are known to be the biggest data network and wireless voice provider nationwide. And now the company has the newest service to offer, that is the Verizon mobile web 2.0.

Verizon mobile web 2.0 has been developed to better provide quality service for the consumers. The purpose of this Verizon mobile web 2.0 is for the consumers to easily access all the latest information, tools, news and contents as well as send emails.

Verizon mobile web 2.0 is also packed with exciting great features such as new graphics, better and easier navigation, and also clickable headlines and contents. There are also some innovations present, which include a toolbar for the easy access to search tool, bookmarks, and favorites then back to homepage.

With this service, consumers can also get updates and hot stories they should know everyday in just a click. So it’s just like your updated all day long.

Here are some of the various categories you can access in just a click:

• News- the latest on top national, world, business and political news
• Business- the business headlines, stock and news updates
• Entertainment- the latest information about music, movies, food, TV and astrology
• Weather- includes national and local satellite images and weather forecasts
• Sports – includes news, standings, scores and stories from the college and professional sports
• Email- includes web based services only from the key internet email providers.
• More- lots of information about shopping, travel, jokes, health and many more

Other than those amazing features, consumers can also get the chance to access contents and information from other recognized content providers. Consumers of Verizon Wireless can also opt to the available premium content at an extra charge.

The vice president of the wireless multimedia and internet service provider gladly explained that the company offers something new that is the cutting edge set of content and information services. The first launch of the mobile web service has resulted to a great demand, wherein lots of their consumers have gradually turned to their mobile phones to keep in touch with their family, relatives and friends, as well as to be updated with the latest news. Verizon mobile web 2.0 provides connection in an efficient and easier way.

Significantly, mobile web 2.0 was developed in cooperation with the other two famous suppliers: infospace mobile and vindigo studios.

The Infospace mobile provides hosting, subscription management facilities and infrastructure. Vindigo studios on the other hand, provides custom publishing and design services.

The company desires to really meet the needs and expectation of their consumers. That is why they think of all the possible demands of the consumer. And from that, they feel that the designs provided by Vindigo studios and the hosting of infospace mobile have been the backbone of the wireless service. The two suppliers have really played an important part in the success of the company.

Availabity and Subscription

Subscribing for Verizon mobile web 2.0 is simple and easy. You don’t have to visit the website and sign, or call their customer service. You can now just register right from your wireless phone. The service is also available at an affordable price of $4.99 per month plus airtime.