Verandas: why not?

If you’ve never thought of having a veranda built for your home, then once the thought appears it’s a surprisingly attractive one that can stay with you. There are the obvious concerns about it only being used in the summer, and after a long wet one even that usefulness is called into question. Yet warm, wet weather can be just when the veranda comes into its own, because you can still enjoy being outside – particularly if you love your garden.

This article will take on a couple of questions as to why people say they would not want a veranda and answer these concerns, because a veranda isn’t just a beautiful idea it can be a beautiful reality.

It’s only for the Summer
For most people this is the main reason they decide against a veranda. And many of these people then opt for a conservatory. The trouble is, some of these then only use their conservatories in the warmer weather and once the eventually summer comes the sunshine can make their conservatory uncomfortable. There are various ways to solve that problem, including blinds and air-conditioning, but why begin with the problem in the first place? If you think it over and you come to realise that you’re likely to only want to use the new space when it’s warmer then a veranda is often a much more affordable option. When it’s really sunny the veranda doesn’t demand any new costly solutions, you can just enjoy it even more, because it’s still open to the air.

Then there the millions of us in this country who love to garden. A veranda is so well suited to the garden lover, because if you think about the times of the year when you do your gardening then it’s the majority of the year – with only those necessary tasks carried out in the winter. A veranda allows you to enjoy the results of your work and when you’ve been working, you rarely feel the cold for that after-the-job cup of tea. Even in late autumn.

What About the Awful British Weather?
Our summers are unpredictable. A lot of the time ‘changeable’ is the defining feature of most summers in the UK. Yet the veranda is not at a disadvantage even here, because it can be there as a permanent yet immediate rescue from the changeable British weather. If you’ve planned a barbecue and it rains just as people start to arrive, you can move it onto the veranda, if the rain stops an hour later then you’re just steps away from enjoying the outside again – only you don’t have to dry the chairs and tables.

In fact that brings us to another advantage of the veranda, your garden furniture. Instead of watching it rapidly ageing under all the elements you will have a permanent space for cover. And again, you’re just steps away from being outside if you want to sunbathe. You can also still shield the brightest sunshine with a parasol as part of your garden furniture under your veranda, because unlike a conservatory the veranda is outside ‘enough’ that a parasol isn’t really out of place.

Verandas help to draw you outside, just as your garden does. It’s that same feeling: the initial reluctance because it’s cosier inside, but then the satisfaction you experience when you face the elements, realising afterwards you feel just a tiny little bit more alive.

An experienced veranda builder will be able to show you the wide variety of different options for a veranda that will complement your home.