Venture Capital Job

Kinds of Venture Capital Jobs

Venture capital is one fast-expanding field in the industry. Every year, there is an increase in the number of venture capital firms not only within the country but also in other parts of the world.

Taken individually, these firms have likewise expanded by providing their services not only within the state or country but even overseas. With the rise of venture capital firms is the rise of venture capital jobs.

There are only a few capitalists in a firm, so it is impossible for them to do everything. As they incorporate to make a firm, these capitalists are called partners, which may be of two types. One type is called a general partner or venture capitalist. These are the capitalists that we see and are known as such. They are executives who may have been former chief executives or senior executives in their previous companies.

The investors are called limited partners. They may be individuals or institutions such as pension fund, foundations and other insurance companies. These limited partners may or may not be known by the public.

These capitalists receive compensation in the form of annual management fee, which is 2% of invested capital, and carried interest, which is 20% of net profits.

What other jobs are available in venture capital firms? It is a given that these jobs are business related, so an educational background in business or finance is necessary.

There is therefore the need of accountants and financial analysts. These are the people who screen proposals and recommend approval of qualified ones. Some also work as researchers, focusing on the trends in a specific field or industry. There are also those who work on products and process development. In general, these employees are called associates. After working for a couple of years, they may be promoted to senior associate position, and so on.

There are others who work as financial advisers and consultants. These are the people who work on a project basis. Their services are sought only when the need arises. They are usually people who are financial experts with respect to the industry that the firm hopes to work on. They also have an extensive background on the economic and financial status of the industry.

The firm may also employ managers. These are the executives who would manage the affairs of a new company that the firm funded. Usually they form part of the management team or board of directors. These managers, together with the management team, run things around the company. They see to it that the company follows the procedure and policies that the firm has imposed, and give remarks and recommendation on how things can be improved.

There is also what we call as entrepreneur-in-residence or venture partners. Their responsibility is in bringing in deals for the firm. They are employed for a specific temporary period, usually as the firm begins to operate.

Capitalists are not the only people in a venture capital firm. There are still others working to make it an efficient, well-organized entity. So if you want to pursue a career in venture capital, there are many venture capital jobs available for you.

You can search internet listings and classified ads for any vacancies. Now is the right time for you to join this booming industry.