Venture Capital Firms New York

Venture Capital Firms in New York: Chase Your Dreams

Starting a business is not as easy as it looks. If you have the money support your ideas you can start up your businesses. Unfortunately not all of us have enough money. There are times that even bank loans refuse to provide funds for your business.

Fortunately there are venture capital firms are willing to raise the stakes and take the risk. Relying on outside investors is natural for business, even established seek venture capital funds for added capital. Finding a private equity firm is not difficult, especially if you’re in New York. In the city that never sleeps, money continues to roll even though the CEO is asleep.

JP Morgan Chase and Co. is one of the leading venture capital films in New York. It’s a firm that has $1.6 trillion in assets and operates in 50 countries. Its headquarters is located in New York wile its commercial banking headquarters is in Chicago.

New York is considered one of the hubs of business so it’s natural that you will find the leading private equity firms there. Most venture capitalists are interested in high technology but JP Morgan and Chase leans toward a sector that they experienced with: banking and financial services.

Chase and Co.

The company has a long history dated back to 1799. Six companies merged in 2004 to form JP Morgan Chase and Co. These companies are Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan, Chemical Banking Corp., Bank One, National Bank of Detroit, First Chicago and Manufacturers Hanover.

JP Morgan portfolio includes businesses in investment and Private banking, private client and worldwide security services, asset management and one equity partners. Chase invests in consumer and banking businesses in the United States. This includes credit cards, home finance and equity loans, auto finance, small business, insurance and education finance. Their commercial banking business focuses on middle market, equipment leasing, corporate business credit, and commercial real estate.

Apart from engaging in large markets they also invest in communities to strengthen economic development. The Community Development Group provides capital, access to its resources and network. They serve low to moderate income communities, individuals and families, and small businesses owned by minority and women.

They help these communities by providing services through credit, banking, technical assistance, mortgages and advisory services. They also provide funds for non profit businesses located in these communities.

The best part about the firms is that they are willing to invest in a diversity of partners. They are operating in more than 50 countries which mean they don’t just focus in positive returns but also a diverse investment portfolio for the benefit of its clients.

The firm is a big company that caters a wide demographic. They are focused not just on big start up companies but also small ones. Naturally, getting your business plan approved may not be easy. The firm poses a promise but that is not a guarantee that your business will be approved with a check. It’s best to select a firm that matches the objectives and goals of your company.

There are many venture capital firms in New York and JP Morgan is one of them. As a leading global financial firm these gives them a cut above the rest. Seeking out outside investors for seed or growth capital is going to be essential for any business.