Venture Capital And Grants

Venture Capital and Grants – Is It Right For Your Business?

You’ve heard of some companies which were put up through venture capital and grants, and wondered if you, too, can establish your own. There are many venture capital firms that you can find through the internet, and still some that you or your friend knows.

You did your research, made the best business proposal and are about to send them out. While it may seem the perfect financing scheme for you, what you and most people don’t know is, it does not apply to all types of businesses.

For one, these firms have a certain investment criteria, and if your proposed business does not fall within their specifications, then chances are your proposal will not be approved. Because of the many proposals that they receive, and with the limited slots that they provide, screening of these proposals is rather strict. There is therefore the need for you to draft a stand-out business proposal because of the stiff competition. Or you would need the referral of a friend whom the firm trusts.

These firms concentrate on specific fields, so if it does not fall under these industries, then VC is not right for your business. These are technology-related industries, those which can give a high yield of profits after a short period of time. If you want to invest in industries like real estate or a restaurant business, then VC is not for you. If you’re thinking of a long-term investment, or if you make the mistake of falling in love with a company too soon, then forget about VC.

Also, if you are the type of person who wants to be in control always, then VC is definitely not for you. Once you enter into a venture capital scheme, you must be ready to give up the reins to the capitalists. They call the shots. They provide the directions and strategies necessary to carry out the business. They perform management decisions. If you want to do things your way, then perhaps consider other funding sources at this point.

If venture capital is not for you, then there are other funding sources available. There is what is called as angel investors, or individuals who also provide funds for start-up companies. This is ideal if the capital that you require is not that big. You can also secure bank loans. However, the disadvantage of this type of funding source is the liability of repaying the loan regardless of your success or failure.

There are also investment programs provided by the government such as the Small Business Investment Company Program. There are also other federal, state or local programs that you can enroll in. Of course, there are the ever-reliable family and friends who can lend you some money for capital.

Venture capital and grants is not something that is impossible to attract. As long as you know how and where to find these financing firms, then there is the chance for you to raise venture capital.

But before you start working on the financial aspect of the company that you wish to establish, you must first consider if venture capital is applicable. You need to look into other sources and not set your mind on venture capital. Otherwise, all your efforts will be put to waste.