Vapor Barrier Installation | Signs You Need One

 Signs You Need a Vapor Barrier in Your Crawl Space

Out of all the areas in a house, crawl spaces are the least visited, especially since they are difficult to access. However, experts recommend that you should still inspect the underside of your home regularly. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent or fix any problems that may cause significant structural damage to your property.

Crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation are some of the best ways you can ensure that the area underneath your home is safe. Sometimes, homeowners only encapsulate or insulate their crawl spaces. However, sealing the area may not be enough to keep them dry at all times. You may want to install a vapor barrier for added protection, especially if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Falling Insulation

If you notice that the insulation in your crawl space is falling, it could mean that there is a high level of moisture in the area. To solve the problem, you should contact a crawl space vapor barrier installer. They’re not only experts in installing vapor barriers but also in repairing or replacing insulation.

  • Increased Humidity

If the temperature in your home feels hotter than normal, it could mean that your indoor air has a high level of humidity. This may be caused by your crawl space since a large percentage of the air in your property comes from this area. Since humidity is caused by water vapor in the air, installing a vapor barrier is the perfect solution to this problem.

  • Mold Growth

The high level of humidity in your home can supply enough moisture for mold and mildew to grow. The presence of these fungi is not only dangerous to your property but also your health. They’ve been known to cause allergic symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headache, itching, sneezing, and more.

So, if you notice mold or mildew growth in your crawl space, this is a clear sign that you need to install a vapor barrier. It’s one of the best ways to keep the humidity in your property at a normal level and prevent fungi from growing in your crawl space.

  • Presence of Insects or Pests

Have you noticed insects or pests lurking in your home lately? If you have, then they may have come from your crawl space. Pests and insects like spiders, termites, cockroaches, and rodents can thrive in a damp, humid, and wet crawl space.

Like molds, pests and insects in your home are never a good thing. They can also cause structural damage and health issues. So, it would be best to prevent them from infiltrating your home in the first place. One way you can do this is by installing vapor barriers.

  • Bad Smells

If your home is infested by pests, insects, or mold, you may notice musty or stinky odors. These smells can make your home an uncomfortable place to live in. Exposure to mold odors is also bad for your health, especially if you’re asthmatic or allergic to these fungi.

  • Pooling or Standing Water

Standing water in your crawl space can cause many problems such as structural or foundation damage, mold and mildew growth, increased humidity levels, and more. To prevent such issues, you need to waterproof your crawl space and install a vapor barrier.

  • Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

When the air inside your home has a high level of moisture or humidity, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will have to work harder to keep you comfortable. But as a result, you will notice an increase in your electricity bills.

Get in Touch With a Crawl Space Specialist Today!

If you notice any of the signs listed above, reach out to a contractor that specializes in crawl space vapor barrier installation right away. This way, you’ll be able to prevent crawl space problems from causing further damage to your property’s structure and your health.

Get in touch with a crawl space specialist now for questions or clarifications about vapor barriers. Feel free to contact them as well if you want more information about how you can better protect the space underneath your home. They’ll surely be able to assist you with your needs.