Values with jiu jitsu

Learning martial arts have manifold advantages. Not only do these martial arts help in defending ourselves from attackers, but also they are known to improve health, physical fitness and concentration of mind. Training and practicing martial arts will help in reducing body weight and keep various diseases like heart disease, diabetes under control. They also improve self-confidence and one’s strength of character. As learning martial arts has many advantages, everyone is advised to learn martial arts. Learning martial arts can be both easy and tough. Joining a local club is the best way to learn. Proper guidance would be available at the club and also one can come into contact with people who have similar aims and motives.

One of the most popular martial arts is jujitsu. Other martial arts like judo, karate, sambo, taekwondo and many others are also very much popular. Jujitsu has its origin in Japan. In fact, jujitsu means “gentle art” in Japanese. Jujitsu involves using a combination of techniques to overcome an opponent. Martial artists practicing jujitsu use a variety of techniques like blocking, locking, striking, throwing, sweeping and grappling to defend themselves against attackers. Learning jujitsu is a difficult task and involves a lot of hard work and practice. Nevertheless, complete mastery over jujitsu can be achieved with diligent efforts.

Physical fitness is not an absolute requirement for learning jujitsu. Being physically fit has an added advantage and can significantly enhance the learning experience. Regular training at the club will improve physical fitness, precision, coordination, skill and reaction time. Martial arts not only tone the physical body but also they sharpen and tune the mind. They improve confidence and urge doe facing challenges. Lessons on the mat will help the person to face real life situations even long after the training has completed.

Teaching values is an absolute must and in fact teaching martial arts is value based education. Learning martial arts is not just learning the techniques and moves. It is more of learning the philosophy underlying it. Respect towards the master teaches children to respect elders. Strict time maintenance makes one punctual and dedicated towards responsibilities. In general martial arts are the best way to realize and tap into one’s own potential. It is also a way of inculcating self discipline. It is best to join young children in martial arts clubs. This way they will learn good values and put those values into practice from a very young age onwards. Children are the future and future can be changed only by teaching children better values.