Valentine Gifts That Are Sure To Please

The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Use this advice to give a Valentine gift to your man that he will love, and hopefully share with you!

1. Strawberries dipped in Chocolate or Fondue Chocolate and Strawberries go great together. You can almost always find them ripe these days in the grocery store. Bring them home and dip in melted chocolate, or create a chocolate fondue using 16 oz. of one or two types of chocolate 1 and a half Cup of cream. They will look and taste wonderful and are easy and fun to share.

2. Cookie Bouquets Flowers are lost on men, but not cookies! Cookie bouquets are decorated and plain cookies in a variety of shapes that are stuck to the top of wooden dowels made to look like a bouquet of flowers. It Is a spectacular gift that is fun and yummy!

3. Cheesecake in a Heart Shape and Rich luscious cheesecake is always a pleaser. You can purchase heart shaped cake pans at most department and discount stores, or any of the new fun shapes that are available. He will love the homemade effort.

4. Just Chocolate and Do not know whether he likes Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate? Buy him an assortment of fine chocolate that you can share! Make sure you pay attention to see if he eats the caramels and leaves the nuts. You will know for next year.

5. Champagne & Truffles and Chocolate Truffles and Champagne are a memorable duo indeed! Ask the local wine shop for recommendations for a sure fine combo that will make your Valentines Day a special experience for you both.

6. Dinner By Candlelight and Make his favorite food, create a romantic table for two at home, and then wear something spectacular. This Valentines Day dinner will be one to remember.

7. Restaurant Gift Certificates and We all lead busy lives and if you are like me, the entertainment portion of the budget is the first to go when saving for something big. Treat your cost conscious honey to dinner at his favorite restaurant. His favorite restaurant, not yours. The one he never goes to because it is too expensive. He will protest, but he will love you for it!

8. Gift Basket Gourmet and If your man is the one who is the spectacular cook, create a gift basket that contains the fixings for a gourmet breakfast or dinner. Buy all of those expensive but necessary ingredients and then stand back and watch him have fun creating a masterpiece!

9. Candy Bouquet- Similar to the cookie bouquet but made with candy bars attached to dowels to look like flowers. This one is guaranteed to be gone in a snap!

10. Caramel or Chocolate Popcorn and Fresh popped popcorn and homemade caramel is irresistible. Package it in a Valentine’s Day gift and you are ready to go!