Using Truck Driver Forums

If you’re a truck driver looking to find a good contract, one of the best places to start looking is to check truck driving forums.

The best thing about a forum is that almost all of the postings placed regarding potential jobs will be made by other drivers, so you have the assurance that there’s going to be a minimum of misunderstanding. The guys who are on the forum will know exactly where you’re coming from and what you need, because they’re doing the same thing you are.

Job postings are generally wide and varied on forums, giving you a good chance to find one that will suit your needs. Some are put by fleet heads looking to hire extra hands for a quick run, while others are looking for permanent members for their fleets. Other postings, and the more common ones, have to do with quick, single-run jobs. These jobs are especially good for freelance truckers who own their own rigs and work independently of others.

There are also specialized jobs where truckers are given a working contract for several years, and are granted ownership of the rig at the end of the contract. Other types of jobs are permanent in nature, usually involving a corporation placing job openings for qualified drivers seeking solid employment. These types of jobs by and large don’t pay as well per run as the quick contracts, but at least they offer interested truckers a steady and reliable source of income.

Furthermore, specialized forums are available which are usually classified by 2 things; these are either based on a trucker’s affiliations, or the type of jobs being sought. There are forums for Union and Non Union members and ones for independents truckers and those running with a fleet. These segments on the job forums makes sure that all the postings you’ll see are ones that are suitable for you, and the other people on the site will be in your camp.

The best part about a job trucking forum, aside from the fact that you get a lot of potential offers, is the fact that other truckers like you will be able to post their opinions and experiences on those job threads. The feedback you can get from this is invaluable. We’ve all had sour jobs where we got the short end of the stick.

On the forums, other truckers can let you know their experiences about the job in question – things that you definitely need to know, like whether the company, fleet head, or individual offering the job is legit or someone who’s got a rep for shorting his drivers. They can also talk about experiences they’ve had with jobs which have similar details.

For example, as mentioned earlier, there are jobs which offer the driver ownership of their own rig after the contract is complete. Other truckers who’ve taken a similar offer in the past can give you their opinions on whether you’re getting a good deal for your efforts or will wind up on the losing end of the bargain. The details of the contract can make the difference in this; if the contract takes too long, your rig might be obsolete by the time it’s over, or if the percentage taken from your regular salary is actually worth more than the rig itself. Others will be able to let you know if the deal’s legit based on their own experiences.

It is this kind of feedback from other truckers, ultimately, that makes looking for jobs on a trucking forum worth your while.