Using Toys to Reduce Dog Barking

How using Dog Toys Can Help to Stop Your Dog From Barking

Many dog owners find that one of the most frustrating things for both them as well as their neighbors is that the dogs tend to bark – loud and often. If you are one of these dog owners and are frequently annoyed or embarrassed by your dog’s barks, then consider some behavior modification therapy involving both toys and instruments that can help your dog learn not to bark.

While it is a dog’s natural inclination to bark either when provoked or to provoke attention, it is not suitable in all or many situations. Naturally, as your pet’s owner, you want to treat your dog with love and affection, even when you are not pleased with it’s behavior. However, in order to train your dog to understand that barking is not an appropriate reaction to all situations, it is important that you are firm and consistent with your own behavior.

First, know that there are instruments designed to modify your dog’s behavior quickly and easily. Using toys naturally takes time to adjust in order for them to work. If you are desirous of a quicker fix, then invest in a dog collar that responds to your dog’s bark.

Bark-prevention dog collars are available at just about any pet store and also online. These collars fit comfortably around your dog’s neck. A small receiver box is then adjusted so that it fits snuggly against your dog’s voice box. When the receiver notes a bark, it will respond either with a burst of air that confuses the dog or with a small electrical current. Both of these responses will stop the dog from barking immediately and trigger a Pavlovian response over time.

If you have the time and energy to train your dog not to bark, then keep in mind that rewarding your dog for good behavior and punishing your dog for bad behavior are the keys to success. You will likely not feel comfortable physically punishing your dog, but it is important that you find a method (vocal or otherwise) that communicates your desire for a behavior change within your dog.

When your dog begins to stay quiet on occasions when he otherwise would have barked, make sure that you reward him, especially in the beginning when he is still learning to adjust his behavior. The better your relationship with your dog, the more he will respond to you when you do need to punish him. After all, your dog is your best friend.