Using the virtual Keyboard on your PDA

To some people this takes some getting used to. Using the stylus, at the bottom of your screen a keyboard will appear that looks entirely like the keyboard on any other computer. However, to use your PDA keyboard you tap the letters with the stylus on the touch screen. This of course acts as a typing mechanism and the words appear where you want them to on your PDA. The keyboard, can also be used with numbers, capitalization, and symbols too. Some PDA’s come with a very small keyboard that your PDA can be attached to, and you can use it to type with. In most cases though, people simply find it easier to use the virtual keyboard on the touch screen of their PDA.

And once you get use to it, tapping the appropriate letters or numbers to put information into your PDA becomes a breeze. While to others say they struggle constantly, simply because the virtual keyboard is so sensitive on the touch screen, the letters they tap will appear twice, or more than they want them too. It is true that the touch screen is very sensitive however, in time the owner of the PDA will get used to it being sensitive and will find that more of the mistakes made to begin with aren’t made as often as when he or she first got the PDA.

When you are finished with the virtual keyboard you simply click on the icon for the keyboard and it will close, just as with a laptop or desktop style computer, going back to the regular size of the screen on your PDA. You can also write, using the stylus, just as if you were writing on a post it note, then when you are finished you just tap save and the note stays on your PDA until you delete it at a later time, or when the task is finished.

The virtual keyboard does not always have to be apparent on the touch screen, it in a sense can be minimized until needed. Then, when it is needed all the PDA owner has to do is tap the stylus on the icon and once again the virtual keyboard appears ready for use. No more digging for pens, and a piece of paper for someone to give you their address or phone number for example, simply use your PDA which is usually clipped on your pocket or in your purse, turn it on and you have your means of taking the note down, that quickly. PDA’s fit into the society today obviously, otherwise so many people would not have them.

PDA’s are being used in all types of circumstances and becoming even more popular as newer versions come out available to consumers. The virtual keyboard is still a big part of the newer versions of the PDA however, they are making them with bigger showing keys to tap with the stylus, this of course makes the PDA screen appear smaller. And this is something that some people do not care for. They would rather have the larger appearance of their screen.