Using The Signposts Of Life To Discover A Better Way To Live

The day my partner and I redefined our dream for our future I became aware of a very significant fact.

The fact was stark: I was no longer going to be a fifty-fifty stakeholder in the financial arrangements, but a breadwinner with significant support.

I’ll be honest, the impact of what stood before me, caused me to take a very big swallow. In fact, I had to sit down and have a woe is me moment. I felt alone, even though I knew I wasn’t.

As I felt myself growing increasingly anxious, I decided to let go. I meditated then wrote a new affirmation – that the right events would now unfold to allow our dream to unfold.

With my intention cast, that our dream would unfold, I set my attention on what would now unfold and I began to use these mysterious events that followed as signposts that would transform my current situation into my intention.

Signposts and Creating Teamwork

Signposts can be subtle and it’s often beneficial that they are. For example, it’s better to have a car driving slowly in front of you and realise that you drive too fast than to have an accident while speeding.

Signposts give us a choice in direction. Do we want to continue to feel isolated, lost, lonely, rejected, anxious or can you change direction and begin to understand the opportunity these signposts show us.

Here are a couple of examples from my life:

1. A couple of weeks ago, my children were bickering in the backseat of the car. I could feel anxiety bubbling up. I began to feel isolated and wanted to snap. I might have felt relief if I did. However, if I did that I would have conflicted my values of love and peace.

I asked them to stop. When they didn’t stop I decided to play there game of un-cooperation. I started not to listen and refused one of them a drink of water. Immediately they teamed up on me. *Note I now became the point of their conflict when I entered their game. They were no longer bickering with each other, but with me.

This bickering with me played into my hands – first because I broke their pattern of bickering with each other and second, because I know when I am mindfully engaged in a situation, I know I can transform it.

I told them they could have a drink, but only after fifteen minutes of getting along with each other and with me. Problem solved, teamwork created and my anxiety and feeling of isolation transformed.

2. In business I was feeling isolated. Following my intention to allow events to unfold and keep my attention on what occurred I found fantastic people literally coming out of the woodwork who could support me, collaborate with me and bring in expertise. You can imagine the impact this has when your dreams involve you becoming the breadwinner.

Tips on this subject

1. Identify an area of your life where you feel in need of support.

2. Decide on your intended outcome (intention).

3. Affirm that you will allow things to unfold and be aware of the signposts.

4. Choose to explore all the directions the signposts point you in

5. Decide which direction takes you closer to your desired intention.

With love and good wishes