Using The Secret During A Recession In 5 Easy Steps

There is a question that is on many people’s lives during this time of recession. And that question is, despite these hard times can I still use the secret or the Law of attraction to help me move forward and live with power and abundance. The answer my friend is yes. The secret has no bias, it is not picky, it does not shut down just because many other things do. Here are what I consider the six keys to successfully and effectively using secret during a recession.


Especially during these hard times is important for you to keep in mind where your focus lies. It is very easy to get caught up in negative thinking at times like this. But remember what you focus on is what you create, as you think so you manifest. So it is critical that you aware of not only what you’re thinking about but what you are focusing on, that is the key word in focusing. You have to make an intentional and deliberate effort to orient your mind in the right direction. Trust me, thinking about all the doom and gloom will not make it go away. In fact stressing out about it and investing in much of you are thoughts and energy into it will only make it worse and that is a fact. As difficult as it might seem, what you need to do is shift gears. This time it’s very easy to focus on what we don’t want, but the law of attraction tells us that even if you focus on what you don’t want that is what you will manifest more. So the question here is what do you want?

Focusing on the positive side of things is what is going to bring them about. Focusing on what you do want like a better job, or starting your own business, anything that is going to make the quality of your life increase. Simply thinking about how you want to feel, versus how you do feel a up will make a huge difference in your personal and professional life. So take the time to really think about what you are currently focusing on most, and the key word there is most. Because it is novel we focus on every now and then that makes the difference is what we constantly think about it becomes our reality. So think about which direction your thoughts are going and make an effort to change their direction for the better.


Now focusing on what you want and re-orienting yourself in the right direction is going to make a big difference. However the next key is equally if not more important to master. And that is emotion the Law of attraction is one of the most sensitive receptors known to man. It is constantly picking up on thoughts, feelings, sensations, and vibrations. Yet what the universe responds the best to is emotion, and that is because emotion is the richest of all the humans signals that can be used with the secret. So a long way with knowing what you want, you must become emotional about it. If you want a job think about how it would actually feel to have that job. If you want to make money, think about how it would actually feel to have that money. This will cause you to feel emotion about what you’re thinking about. Think of the thoughts as a way to spark the emotion because it is the emotion that matters most.


You can have all your thoughts focused, and you can be absolutely as emotional as possible. Yet if you are not consistent with your thoughts and emotions, if you are not projecting these feelings out to the universe on a very regular basis than I can almost guarantee that your results will be slim. Being consistent is the difference between making it or not, professional athletes know that, professional business people know that, and anyone who hears secret with great results announced that you must be consistent. You can not think and feel positive every once in a while, that’s not how it works. This is something you have to be doing constantly throughout the day every day without fail. Yes, it will take some work and yes it does take some practice but you can believe me when I say that the fruits of your labor are far more enjoyable than whatever it is you were currently chewing on. Again, this is an area where you have to make a conscious and deliberate effort. Unfortunately your mind will not do this all on its own, especially in the beginning. It does get easier and start to flow as time goes on but it takes practice. Remember it is the constant message that you send to the universe that will become reality.


It is said that the universe is willing to grant you any thing that you ask for. This is true, although it does come with a price. The cost of admission into your dream life is not cheap. It takes hard work, determination, perseverance. That is presented by you focusing your thoughts, releasing your emotions, and being consistent. The next necessary ingredient is action. I cant tell you how many people believe that if all they do is think about getting more money, get emotional and consistent about it that they can sit in their home ( or lack there of ) and have a sack of money fall onto their head. Get real! The law of attraction will create anything you desire, but the universe wants to see some effort!

You have to take action! Not only do you have to do all of the above but you actually have to hit the streets. You have to shake some hands, meet some people, and push your comfort zone. By doing this you are changing your vibration to that of I cant make things happen, or I want things to happen but Im going to sit here and wait for my door bell to ring, to I am going to work WITH the universe to create what I want in life. That is where the real power comes from.


Just like anything else in life be it, sports, business, relationships, career, or anything you must believe. Any person who has ever reached a true level of success did it because they believed they could. So here’s the challenge, most people may want a new job, a new house, or more money. But in the psyche they really don’t believe they are going to have it. The reasons of why people don’t believe differs from person to person. But I am here to tell you that the majority of people who do not believe in the secret, and claim they have tried it and it didn’t work. Well guess what, it is because they didn’t BELIEVE it was going to work no surprise there.

As cheesy as it sounds in order to achieve you must believe, and if I were you at times like this Id stop worrying how cheesy something sounds and think about if it will get you results! Examine your beliefs and think about whether all your affirmations and incantations are going along with what you truly believe of if you are just kidding your self with hollow hopes and efforts. If you do not believe you can have the things you desire for whatever reason than it is time to rewire that brain of yours! You must find a way to reshape your beliefs so that they complement your wants and needs rather than contrast them. After all, your beliefs are everything.

Remember all of these keys must be put together for the greatest effect. They are all important and all play a role in manifesting your reality. Study each one carefully and do your best to apply them directly to your life. You will see things turn around without a doubt. It is time for you to prove to your self that amidst all the darkness there can be light. That contrary to position or situation, no matter what the scoreboard may say. We can win.