Using the Right Makeup Brushes for a Professional Salon Look

Right makeup brush for foundation and powders is just as important as the foundation makeup itself. New makeup brushes should be washed before using to remove any leftover residue, excess dye and loose hairs from the manufacturing process. A powder blush is the largest brush you should have in collection. This brush is used to set the finishing powder onto your face and help soften your foundation. If you have never tried a professional makeup brush with your minerals, you will be amazed at the difference it will make. Eye-shadow brushes are designed to give you just the right amount of color to the lid without looking like. A great thing about an eye-shadow brush is that it can easily help to blend more than one eye shadow without leaving behind lines.

After your brushes have a good bath, brush them off a little on a clean paper towel and lay them to dry on their side on a paper towel or a regular towel. It is also a good idea to reshape the brush at this point in time to prevent splaying. If you have a steady enough hand, eyeliner brushes are great for softening pencil lines. The brush is a wide; flat shaped that can be used wet or dry. For even coverage lip brushes are generally the smallest of makeup brushes and are designed to line the inside of your lips for even coverage. Lastly, let brushes dry completely before using. Dry time will depend on size and brush density. Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing frequently will provide you with years of beautiful makeup application.

Various Makeup Brushes

1. A foundation brush has a flat shape and long bristles.

2. Choosing the right brushes does not have to be a tricky process.

3. Eyeliner brushes to apply liquid eye shadow or to blend eye shadow around the eyes for a smoky.

4. Powder brush is used to dust loose powder over your face, setting your makeup and eliminating any shine.

5. Eye-shadow brushes are designed to give you just the right amount of color to the lid without looking like you just caked it on there.