Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Raise Your Consciousness and Artistically Create Your Own Reality

In life, every action creates an opportunity for us to choose how we feel; to choose between love or fear and feeling good or feeling crappy. We are taught to be slaves to the “inevitable pain” of the world, however, each day our spirits spend in this wonderful, three dimensional carnival we are given the chance to consider all of the options. We are granted the beautiful gift of making choices that lead to joy and fulfillment or sadness and confusion. Trusting our own intuition isn’t easy, but living a life that feeds the soul is worth it. Make the decision to follow your dreams and creative visions, listen to your heart and you will discover the secret of creating your own reality.

Decoding The Messages of Your Emotions

Sometimes emotions cause upheaval and drama, we can feel out of whack. Feelings like anger, disappointment and shame are signals from the Universe we are not in the flow of ever-present joy and abundance. Emotions are the God/Goddess/Grand Pubbah’s way of creatively communicating. (I wish they had just left a note on my refrigerator!) Don’t ignore these messages or fall down a black hole, pay attention! Emotions are one of the Universe’s greatest gifts. Changing your thoughts results in a deliberate choice to raise your consciousness and in doing so, you change your circumstances. Listen to your heart and find all of the answers within.

“You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. The same force that creates Universes is flowing through you.”-D.E.

Harness the Power of Your Own Mind

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”- The Buddha

Negative forces such as war, religion and racism are accentuated in politics, TV, movies and more. These forces are used to breed disharmony and suffering, but the true key to turning around this negative energy is for all of us to collectively access the power of thought. Remember, one single light can guide you through a dark night and you are that light. You have more of an impact on the world than you can possibly imagine. Every time you raise your vibration, you help raise another’s as well. I’ve heard it said that for each loving thought one thinks, a thousand more flowers bloom, birds sing a new song and someone, somewhere is healed.

Reality is a Miracle

It is true we are taught to react to and not choose reality. We have to practice, over and over, minute by minute, in order to truly comprehend the difference. The lesson doesn’t happen overnight, but when you get it, the high is amazing and the connection you feel with creative energy and the world becomes even richer and more beautiful. This dimension, with all of its sweat, hard work, forgiveness, excitement and gratitude, is truly miraculous. Everyone can tap into this energy; it is why the adventure of raising human consciousness is so thrilling. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Your Desire is the Reality

The doorway to love and support from the Universe is to believe you can choose how you feel. Choice is the gift you have been given. This has been talked about as long as humans have walked the planet. The Universe provides you with an opportunity to relinquish your power to circumstance or use your free will to act on your heart felt desires and create your own reality. A reality that truly reflects who you are and the artistic vision you have for your own life. The ultimate conclusion: anything is possible! To read more about creating and celebrating your own reality visit my web site at