Using the Internet to Generate Leads for Your Dealership

The lead generation landscape for dealerships has been changing and continues to change. It used to be that the only way to generate leads was through traditional advertising means. These included placing ads on billboards, TV, radio or in newspapers. Though these types of advertising can be effective there was also a lot of guesswork involved. There was no certain way to tell who was viewing your ad and who was influenced to make a purchase as a result of your traditional lead generation efforts. Now dealerships have more sophisticated ways to generate leads. With the internet there are several highly trackable ways to generate leads for your dealership. The internet is now the number one resource for car buyers, whether they are looking up cars or dealerships to research. If a dealership ignores using the internet to generate leads they will lose out on a large portion of potential business. Read on to see a few tips on how utilizing the internet can increase the number of leads a dealership accrues:
Email can be a powerful tool used to accumulate leads online. Dealerships should always collect the emails of their prospective consumers. By doing so even if the consumer doesn’t want to make a purchase right away the dealership can reach out to the consumer later to alert them of new deals or events occurring at the dealership. Email is a highly personal way to reach out to consumers that, if done right, can generate a lot of leads.

Dealerships should use email sparingly. If you constantly fill someone’s inbox with emails all of the time they will eventually ignore you or ask you to stop sending emails altogether. As a dealer, when someone gives you their email address take note of why they gave it to you. By doing this you can tailor the emails you send out to your audiences, ensuring that only relevant information is being sent out to consumers. Another powerful tool that can be used to generate leads is the e-newsletter. Dealerships that receive and compile email addresses should be sending out regular e-newsletters. These newsletters can inform consumers about new inventory, sales, etc. while also keeping them informed on what is happening at your dealership. Again, it is important to not send these newsletters out too frequently so as to annoy and isolate consumers. By using email properly dealerships can increase the number of leads they generate while keeping their consumers informed and happy.

Internet advertising, unlike traditional advertising, can be a highly targeted and relevant tool that dealerships use to generate leads. Using internet advertising dealerships can have their ads show up on highly relevant websites that their consumers are likely to visit, or in search engines while consumers are searching relevant keywords. By using internet advertising dealers can reach their consumers online while they are looking at content that is similar to theirs.

The two types of internet advertising that dealers should participate in are search and display advertising. Search adverting is when ads show at the top of search engine result pages. These ads are triggered by keywords, meaning that they will only appear when a consumer searches for a keyword that you want your ad to show up for. Dealerships can use search advertising to ensure that consumers only see their ads when they are searching for terms that the dealership has deemed important. Display advertising works in a similar fashion. The dealership’s ads will only show up on sites that the dealership has chosen, ensuring that only a highly relevant audience will see the ads. By using internet advertising, dealerships can serve ads to a highly relevant audience, increasing the volume of leads that they can generate.

Your Website
A dealership’s website can also be a powerful tool that can be used to generate leads. Consumers go to a dealer’s website to conduct research and view inventories because they are potentially interested in purchasing something from that dealership. Dealerships should always have a contact us form somewhere within their websites. Using this form consumers can contact the dealer and inquire about certain goods or services that they provide. Dealers can then use this information to reach out to the consumer, leading them through the sales process.

The internet is an important tool in lead generation for dealerships. If your dealership is not using the internet then you could be missing out on precious leads and sales.