Using the Infrared Beam Feature On Your PDA

This is actually a great feature that is on most PDA’s. What this does is allow you to aim two PDA’s at each other and they can ultimately transfer files or pictures one to the other. And, this is without any wires being attached or docking systems having to be in place. The infrared beam on the top of your PDA allows you to quickly transfer files without a lot of grief and hassle.

This process allows the freedom of no wires or additional connections between two PDA’s making it simple to transfer just about anything without any problems. If there is a problem your PDA will let you know. One important thing about the infrared beam process, is to be sure the PDA’s are aimed directly at one another and that the beam area is absolutely clean.

Otherwise, this can cause complication when trying to transfer your files from one PDA to another. In addition, if you don’t have enough memory space on your PDA, and the file is too big, the infrared beam will not work, or not allow the transfer to complete. Sometimes it does partially, however that doesn’t work either. You have to have the entire file transfer in order for a file to open or a program to work on your PDA.

If this happens, simply stop trying to transfer the file and clean up your PDA a bit, get rid of some files you no longer need, or temporary notes that are no longer in use, by doing this you will free up some memory on your PDA, and this may be enough to allow you to use the infrared beam to eventually transfer the file from one PDA to the other.

If the file you are trying to transfer has a code or a password, it is considered locked on the PDA its installed on, therefore it will not transfer to your PDA, or if it does it will not open properly and should simply be removed or deleted. Remember PDA’s are small computers and will act in the same manner as a desktop. Files that cannot be transferred for security purposes will let you know ahead of time.

Also remember that large files that are being transferred by the use of infrared can take some time, and that you must not by any means move either PDA. If you do this the process must be started all over again, taking even more time. This infrared feature is commonly used for notes, or short files that don’t really take that long. Including picture files and other things that have minimal file capacity.

Infrared allows one PDA to communicate with another PDA however, each PDA is different and some may not read the other. This is rare of course however, it has been known to happen when attempting to transfer files from one PDA to another, this is something to simply keep in mind.

If for some reason the PDA won’t see or read the other, move the PDA’s closer this sometimes assists the beam trying to pass the files and then will allow the transfer to in fact take place.