Using Social Media to Foster Leads for Your Dealership

The internet can be a powerful tool to find leads for dealerships. Whether it is through coordinated email blasts, following up inquiries a consumer filed on your personal website or through coordinated advertising efforts, using the internet can create several leads for your dealership to follow up on. But one online source of lead generation that many dealerships often ignore is social media. Social media is great tool to generate leads because these kinds of sites have incredible reach. An advertisement or message that is viewed by a social media user has the potential to reach more followers that your dealership may have no connection with, generating leads that you may not have generated otherwise. Unfortunately many dealerships ignore social media as a lead generating tool. This is a mistake that can cost your dealership leads and eventually revenue. Read on to see how your dealership can use social media to generate leads:

Using social media to promote you dealership’s deals or specials is great way to generate leads. As stated above, by using social media for promotions you expand upon the audience you may not have reached before by reaching social media users and their followers. You should also be using other online avenues to promote your deals or specials like your website or e-newsletter, but by adding social media into your promotional mix you can reach an audience that may not already be a part of your audience.

To use social media to promote your deals or specials to generate leads you must first have content to promote. By publishing content on social media sites you will be able to reach your followers, alerting them about your current promotions. By doing this you also have the potential to reach their followers, who may not be a part of your audience. This expands the reach of your promotions. It is important to not publish the same content as this can make the content repetitive and boring, which could make your followers ignore your promotions. By using social media to promote your dealership’s current deals or specials you can reach a large online audience, which in turn will increase the volume of leads that your dealership may receive.

Listening on social media sites involves actively monitoring social media websites where your dealership has a presence and observing what people are saying about your brand. By listening on social media sites you can find those consumers that may be interested in your services or may be looking for services that you offer but don’t know where to go.

Using social media listening, you can foster leads from those that have expressed interest in your goods or services. This process can be done manually but that can take a lot of time and effort that your dealership may not be able to spare. The best way to go about this is to either use tools – there are several tools that you can pay for online, that may be a little pricey – or hire someone to monitor social media sites to find leads for your dealership. Either way, if your dealership engages in social media listening you can foster leads by learning who is looking for services that your dealership provides.

The best way to foster leads on social media sites is to engage your followers. By engaging your followers you can talk to them through your dealer’s social media profiles and get leads that way. This is a great way to foster leads because the consumers on social media sites want to be engaged by brands. Engaging consumers through social media creates the sense that your dealership wants to know what their consumers want, thus making them more likely to purchase one of you services. Engaging your social media followers is a great way to foster leads and turn one time customers into loyal dealer followers.

Social media can be an extremely powerful lead fostering tool. By using it correctly your dealership will be able to foster leads that they may not have been able to foster otherwise.