Using Sexual Hypnosis To Deal With Psychosexual Disorders And Increase Libido

Through the use of sexual hypnosis all forms and manifestations of sexual dysfunction can be overcome, assuming of course that it’s clear that there’s no physical cause at the root of it. If in your mind you’re habitually feeling and thinking that you’re sexually unattractive or inadequate in some way or other, then sexual hypnosis is the means by which you can stop this negative self belief in its tracks and replace it with positive self belief.

If you have some psychologically based problem with sexuality – more specifically your own sexuality – then there really is no other way to approach and then effectively deal with it other than through your own mind.

This may seem to be almost blindingly obvious, but some people are so mentally enslaved and overwhelmed by the power of their negative self beliefs that deep and lasting change from within seems impossible, and so they cast around looking for various “treatments” and such like.

(The use of certain medications such as, for example, the well-known blue pill don’t really fit into this category as they can genuinely help with some sexual difficulties, but it should still be borne in mind that they only offer a partial solution to erectile dysfunction only, and only for as long as they’re available).

There are many other types of sexual dysfunction, and for as many different reasons. However if there is no medical problem then they all have one unifying feature, that being that they are all products of the mind, and so therefore can only be successfully addressed and resolved in and by the mind. Hypnosis/self hypnosis is basically all about reprogramming undesirable and damaging self beliefs and thought processes, and so it naturally follows that sexual hypnosis is an effective means of dealing with and overcoming psychological sex problems.

An illustration of how this works can be gained by having a basic understanding of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind contains or is linked to incredible, possibly infinite power and wisdom, yet it’s “instructed” in how to use that power and wisdom by the narrow and fallible conscious mind. The subconscious could be likened to a tremendously powerful computer system, and the conscious mind could be thought of as the user of the computer system.

Whatever positive or negative outcomes are derived from the use of the computer system come ultimately from the thoughts and actions of the user, the conscious mind.

The subconscious is not concerned with what is “right” or “wrong”, positive or negative, it simply works with what it gets in the way of positive or negative thought energy from the conscious mind, i.e “you”.

If an individual is always consciously thinking of him or her self as being in some way sexually undesirable, or that he is unable to prevent himself ejaculating too quickly, or that she is what was once called “frigid”, or that he or she is incapable of reaching orgasm, then these habitual thoughts eventually become “registered” on the subconscious which then uses its creative power to manifest the implications of these thoughts and feelings as a reality in the life of the individual concerned, leaving him or her with a seemingly inescapable conviction that that’s “just the way they are” and always will be.

It’s at this point that what is referred to as sexual hypnosis can be used to remove these negative self beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

Hypnotherapy can be used as a means of successfully achieving this, but can also prove to be time-consuming and expensive and also means that you don’t have full control over the pace at which you want to go.

Since the very beginning of the 21st century an alternative way of doing this has become more and more popular, and this involves self hypnosis through the use of pc/mp3 self hypnosis downloads, which effectively enable you to benefit from your own home based hypnotherapy sessions.

There are inexpensive hypnosis downloads available to deal with virtually any aspect of psychological sexual dysfunction, including but not limited to lack of or loss of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia and straightforward lack of sexual confidence.

One reputable and well-established provider of these downloads is operated by professional and certified hypnotherapists who design and narrate the downloads themselves.

Basically all that’s required to make sexual hypnosis work is a certain degree of commitment, in other words genuine desire for positive change. After selecting the download appropriate to your condition you then, on a daily and/or nightly basis for perhaps a few weeks, simply lie or sit back and relax and absorb the positive suggestions coming from your pc or mp3. Sooner or later, depending on the depth and intensity of the negative belief, the subconscious comes to accept the new positive belief system and you then find that the hold that the problem once had on you is disappearing and rapidly becoming a distant and harmless memory.