Using Search Engine Ads to Find a Dealership

For many people the ads seen at the top of search engine results are often thought of as “spammy” or irrelevant. The fact of the matter is nothing could be further from the truth. The ads found at the top and the right side of the search engine result pages – SERPs – are only shown when they are relevant to you. The ads can certainly come in handy when you are looking for a new car. Finding a dealership can be a difficult task. But if you pay attention to the ads in your search engine results you may find that the task is much easier than you thought. If you still aren’t convinced that search engine ads are more than distractions, check the facts:

The ads that you see in your search engine results are triggered by the keywords you use while searching. What that means is while you search “Buick dealer in Peoria” the ads that show up will be triggered by the keywords in your search query. Dealers create these ads so that you – the user – will be able to find them easier.

Search Engines do not show ads in your results unless they are relevant and have the certain keyword(s) within their ad. The ads you see in the SERPs are meant to augment your search results not replace or interfere with them, enhancing your search and showing you results that are relevant and that you may not have found otherwise.

Relevancy and Quality Score
Search engines try to keep the ads they put in your search results as relevant as possible. For example in Google the position of ads within search engine results is based upon the ad’s quality score. The quality score of an ad in search results is determined by how relevant the ad, keyword and landing page is to the searcher. So in order for the ad to show up in search engine results for “Buick dealer in Peoria” that keyword – or a close variation– must be included in the ad and that keyword must be found somewhere on the landing page.

Dealerships Looking For You
The ads you will see in your search engine results are just an example of how dealerships try to reach out to you as a potential consumer. These dealerships know what you are looking for, where you are looking for it and they are attempting to aid you in your search by ensuring that their ads show up in your search results. Sifting through search results to find the perfect dealership for you can be a daunting task, but by looking at the ads in your search results you already have an index of dealerships in your area. By utilizing these ads you can achieve your ultimate goal, buying a car, while cutting down on research time.

Utilizing the ads in your SERPs will help you find a dealership because the ads create a one-stop-search where you can find the dealers in your area. By making sure that you are deliberate in the keywords you use to search for a dealer you will only see the most relevant ads in your results. These ads will ultimately aid you in your search because they show you dealers that know what you are looking for and are trying to help you find it.