Using Rag Rollers for a Different Look

All that’s necessary to turn long, straight hair into a head full of soft, flowing waves is a little patience and a bunch of rag rollers. You read that right – rag rollers. These little strips of cotton can create a loose wavy look better than almost any other hairstyling tool.

If you don’t happen to have rag rollers lying around, just grab and old sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut the sheet up into strips that are roughly six inches in the length and one inch in width. Those with really thick or really long hair will need about 60 rag strips to complete a good hairstyle. These rollers are ideal for creating tight curls, as well, but they really shine when soft waves are desired.

To create a flowing look, you’ll need to do the following things:

* Start out by washing hair in a good shampoo. Make sure it’s right for the type of hair and texture you have. A good conditioning, too, is also a smart idea.
* With hair clean and ready to go, blot it dry and remove excess water by gently squeezing it.
* Use a comb or fingers to detangle hair and set up the desired part.
* Apply leave-in conditioner and/or anti-frizz spray and a gel or mousse to help set the right look.
* Let hair partially dry before rolling.
* Comb hair into sections for rolling.
* Roll up hair into the rag strips. The resulting curls can be tight or loose, depending on how tightly the rags are tied. Rags can be held in place either by tying the roller strips or using pins. If the intent is to sleep in the curlers, tying will most likely be much more comfortable.
* Once hair has been rolled you can choose to sleep in the rollers or use a hood dryer to set the curls.

After the curls have been set, remove the rollers and carefully comb through or use fingers to spread the locks where you’d like them. Spray hair with a setting spray and apply s shining spray as well, if it’s needed or desired. Put any accessories in place once the look is set. Spray again for extra hold, if necessary.

Rag rollers might seem like a thing of the past, but when it comes to creating a great look, these are ideal. Whether it’s creating long, flowing waves or tight curls, little strips of cotton are simply perfect.