Using Pinterest to Promote Your Dealership Online

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth one thousand words.” But a picture online can be worth much, much more. Utilizing pictures is an important facet of promoting your automotive dealership online. Pictures allow users that are researching vehicles to see what they are looking for or pine over what they want. A picture can be a powerful sales tool in the automotive industry. And now there are ways to promote your dealership through pictures off of your site. Pinterest is a relatively new social media site that allows users to post visual content. This rapidly growing site is the perfect place for dealerships to promote their pictures and visual content. Read on below to see a few ways that Pinterest can help you promote your dealership:

Promote Inventory
The best way to promote your dealership’s inventory online is through the use of pictures. Sleek, attractive pictures can entice an online car buyer to heavily research your vehicles. By displaying photos of your inventory you can recreate your dealership’s physical showroom with an online presence. Allowing users to see your inventory, all while sitting at home.

A great way to promote your vehicles online is to post your inventory photos on Pinterest. Pinterest is very conducive to this because of the site’s primarily visual aesthetic. When using Pinterest try to keep your photos dynamic. It is always a good idea to promote actual photos of your inventory – stills of vehicles in your showroom, stock vehicle photos, etc. – but these photos can become stale and boring if they are the only online photo content that your dealership posts. To engage users on Pinterest try posting photos of your inventory in action. These action shots will engage users by peaking their interest and offering them more to look at than generic photos.

Put a Face to Your Dealership
Online photos also allow you to put a face to your dealership. By posting photos of your staff online you show online consumers who they may meet if they come to your dealership or call to inquire about sales or services. Posting pictures of your actual dealership – the building, showroom, etc. – also helps recreate your dealership online. All of these photos help put a “face” to your dealership online.

Posting pictures of your dealership on Pinterest can also help you put a “face” to your dealership online. But the photos that you post to Pinterest – much like your inventory photos – should be more dynamic. For example, instead of using headshot photos of your staff try posting photos of your staff in action. These kinds of photos will do a better job at capturing what goes on at your dealership. You should also do this with the photos of your dealership. Instead of posting still photos of the building or showroom post pictures that include people in them. Those photos will do a better job at conveying the atmosphere at your dealership. By posting these kinds of photos to Pinterest you can recreate your dealership online.

Potential to go Viral Amongst a Targeted Audience
One of the most powerful aspects of utilizing Pinterest is the potential of the content that you post online to go viral. Pinterest, like most social networks, allows other users to follow your page and what you post. This also allows other users to re-post anything that you may have posted so that their followers can see it.

That is why it is so important to post dynamic content on Pinterest, because then your followers will be more likely to share it. The viral sharing that occurs on social networks like Pinterest can be a powerful tool to promote your dealership. These networks let you tap into an audience that has already shown interest in your products or services, thus allowing you to promote content that they will likely be interested in. Pinterest is a perfect place for viral sharing because photos are more conducive to sharing because they can be viewed and accessed quickly, leaving a quick but lasting impact on the viewer.

Pinterest is the perfect place to share photos of your dealership online. This social network allows you to connect directly with consumers who can then connect you to other potential consumers. By utilizing Pinterest your dealership can broaden its online reach while also promoting your own unique content.