Using Local Directories to Find Auto Dealerships

Remember the days when you would flip through the yellow pages to find a dealership when it came time to buy a new car? It may seem like forever ago but that used to be the way that people found local businesses. Now, by and large, people use search engines like Google or Bing to find businesses or dealerships in their area. But there is an even more effective way to find a local dealership. Local online directories are a great tool to use while in pursuit of a dealership.
Sites to Use
There are many local directories to use, so how do you choose? The first tip to remember when looking for online directories is that they are not all created equal. Some will help you in your search for a dealership while others may have missing or incorrect information. Directories like, Google Maps and (formerly have the most complete and accurate information according to a study done by Implied Intelligence. Those three directories will most likely have the best information and will aid you the most in your search for a dealership. The same study found that the directories Yellowbot and Merchant Circle had the highest percentage of duplicate listings. You will most likely want to avoid these dealerships so as to avoid confusion. Duplicate listings will feature similar information, but since there is more than one listing for one business it can be difficult to tell which listing and information is correct.

Niche online directories will also come in handy while searching for a dealership online. is a good source of information to help you find dealerships in your area. The site is an online directory dedicated to car dealership ratings and reviews. Not only is it a good source to find a dealership but you can also use the site to see what cars specific dealers are selling at any given time.

Ease of Use
Online directories also make it easy to find a certain kind of dealership in your area. For example, if you live in New Mexico and you are looking for a Chevrolet dealer in most directories all you have to do is search for a business name or category (Chevrolet) and your city, state or zip code. Once you fill in the required information you will be presented with an entire list of dealerships in your area.

These directories also make it easy to see which dealerships are actually active with their listing information. Many directories’ listings will have a “certified” notice on the listings that are actually managed by the business owner. If you see these “certified” notifications on a dealership’s listing it means that the dealership, or an authorized individual, is managing the listing and the information contained in that listing will be up-to-date and correct. Most importantly it shows that that dealership is making an effort to make it easier for consumers to find them online, while ensuring that their listing information is factual and up-to-date.

One of the most important and useful features of online directories is the reviews that can be found on most directories. These reviews can be especially useful while searching for a dealership online. In an instant you can see what is liked or disliked about a dealership. Honest opinions from people who had, at one point in time, been in the same position as you. These reviews can greatly inform your opinion of a particular dealership.

Another way to use the reviews found on online directories is to see if or how a dealership responds to the reviews on their listings. How does the dealership respond to positive as opposed to negative reviews? Does the dealership respond to negative reviews and try to remedy the situation? This can be a powerful indicator of whether or not you will want to do business with a dealership.

Long gone are the days of looking through yellow pages to find a dealership and then hoping for the best. Using online directories to find a dealership will make you a more informed consumer, easing the relationship between you and the dealership. If you aren’t using online directories to find a dealership it may be time you start.