Using Feng Shui in the Kitchen

You can write it as Feng Shui, but always say “fung shway”. This philosophy associates the kitchen with both health and prosperity. And if you add this perspective with the function of the kitchen as the heart of the home, then you will appreciate why problems in these part of the home can have significant impact on the family.

For the best possible qi, you need to keep your kitchen shiny and clean. A clustered, dirty kitchen will have a stagnant, dirty energy which interferes with your ability to cook and enjoy healthy nourishing food.

Let’s face it, when we are poorly nourished our ability to work hard and even earn a good income will suffer.

It is good Feng Shui to clean out your food cupboard and refrigerator regularly. Always remember that old stale food has old stale energy, even if the expiration date is still months away.

And neither should you forget either that good nutrition is also good Feng Shui. Junk foods are clutters that you are putting away in your body, so try and add more healthy organic foods to your diet, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Talking about stoves and gas cookers, if they are not in good working condition in Feng Shui term, implies a problem with financial resources. So get it fixed as soon as possible.

But what if my stove is okay, but it’s just dormant? Then this means it is unused and it implies ignored opportunities. So even all you do is boil water for tea, ensure you rotate which burner you set the kettle on so that all of them get regular use.

And if you are the type that have no qualms about having mirrors in the kitchen, hanging one so it reflects the burners visually doubles the number of burners. So what, you say? This symbolizes doubling of your income, and more good food, which translate to better health and strength.

Again, remember the stove or burner is symbolic of wealth, so it is important to keep its fire energy strong. Wood is the fuel for fire, so plants or their imagery, or the color green are all good to have around and close to the burner.

Two natural enemies in nature are fire and water. They fight each other. Thus, where you place the stove and sink matters. If they are directly opposite each other, this can lead to arguments and conflicts within the family.

What to do? Place something green between them. A green rug on the floor or a living plant on a table would do.

During the actual cooking process, if you stand facing the wall, your back is exposed. In Feng Shui term, this is a weak position. The remedy? Fix this by hanging a mirror on the wall over the burner so that you can see what’s going on behind you while you cook.

In Feng Shui, the number nine is a power number, and the fruit called orange symbolizes good luck. You can actualize this good luck energy into the kitchen by placing nine big, round, and perfect oranges in a bowl in the center of the kitchen.

What happens if the oranges rot or dry out? Replace them, but maintain the number nine. And use good oranges, because if it’s not good to eat, then it’s not good Feng Shui!

If you keep your kitchen clean, bright and welcoming, the heart of your home is filled with good Feng Shui. The care and attention you give to enhancing this part of the home creates a powerful positive qi, which supports the health and prosperity of your family.

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