Using Curling Irons for a New Look

While many people will say they can never achieve the great looks at home that they realize in the salon, hot irons and rollers can really help make this a fallacy. When these heated curling tools are used properly, they can help almost anyone create a salon fantastic look every day.

The key to using hot irons and rollers, however, lies in using some common sense. These tools employ heat to curl the hair, and inasmuch, they can damage it. It’s important to compensate for this on a daily basis and to maintain proper hair care procedures. This means:
* Getting the hair trimmed on a regular basis to remove split ends and keep the hair healthy. Using hot irons and rollers on hair that’s broken can result in more damage. Be certain to keep up with maintenance cuts for the best look.
* Using the proper hair products for the hair type involved. If you don’t know your hair type, a stylist can help you decide what’s best for your hair. Do shampoo and condition as directed, especially when hot irons and curlers are used on a daily or at least regular basis. Not doing so can result in some serious damage to the hair.
* Preparing the hair for the curling. This means starting out with clean, conditioned hair and using a styling spray before getting started. This will help set the look and make the process go so much more smoothly. Whether it’s a styling spray, gel or mousse that’s used, do be certain it’s a good product that won’t dry or damage the hair.

When the hair is properly prepared for styling, heat the iron or rollers per directions. Using the instruments before they’re ready can be an exercise in futility.

When using an iron, curl the hair in small sections and set with spray when complete. Use the fingers or a styling pick to adjust the look after the curls are set and finish off with a holding spray.

For those who want to use hot curlers, it’s important to spray first with a setting or styling spray and then comb hair out in sections. Roll the hair as desired and wait for the rollers to cool before removing. Once the rollers have curled the hair, remove them and spray the hair again with a styling spray. Work the hair with the fingers or a styling pick to place curls where you’d like them.

Hot rollers and curling irons can help create great salon looks at home, but it’s important to do it right to protect the hair and your overall look. A little patience and preparation can result in a great hairstyle.