Using Car Radio Presets

Presets On Car Radios Are Important

Studies show that singing while driving is actually a good practice. Fantastic for keeping drivers awake and alert, the only complication of the matter comes in when a driver can’t find a tune he or she likes to sing along with.

This is where a good car stereo system with preset functions and easy-to-find scan buttons can come into play. These little buttons might baffle some in the programming, but they can be lifesavers, literally. Rather than forcing a driver to divert attention away from the road to find a better song or a favorite station, the presets and the scan buttons give them the ability to do so with the touch of a button.

Since human beings tend to commit repeat actions to memory, the use of the presets will soon become second nature for a driver. This means while it might require a look or two the first few times the buttons are depressed, before long, a driver’s fingers are quite likely to find the buttons without thought and without the blink of an eye.

So what are presets and how do you use them? Presets are simply buttons that enable the programming of a radio receiver to set stations. Once programmed, the radio will automatically return to the chosen station at the touch of a single button. This takes away the need to fumble with a dial or repeatedly depress a button and watch the channel numbers as they go up or down.

Programming presets will vary from car radio to car radio, but in general they are pretty easy to use. Many systems simply require the radio to be tuned in to the station of choice. Then the driver depresses the button and holds it. Some type of signal, whether a beep or a flash, will let the driver know the station’s been locked. Rinse and repeat.

If your stereo doesn’t preset in this fashion, check the instructions that came from the manufacturer. Some systems are a wee bit more complex than others. Regardless, it’s a very good idea to program the presets while the car is parked. There’s too much fiddling around involved to do it while on the road.

The scan button is another great feature that helps keep drivers’ eyes on the road. This allows for the quick scanning up and down of all songs or shows currently on the radio. Drivers can hit the one button and quickly land on a song that’s more appealing.

They may seem like simple features, but considering the fact they’re designed to help keep drivers’ eyes where they belong, the presets and the scan button are very important tools. Music while driving is a good idea. Taking eyes off the road is not. Thanks to these car stereo features, drivers can make sure they get their music when they want without the risks.