Using a Local Dealership’s Website to Buy Used Cars

Looking for the perfect car online can be a daunting task. Searching for the perfect used car online can seem even more overwhelming. With so many websites and dealers it can be hard to differentiate who is trying to sell you a car and who is just trying to make a buck. Here are a few tips on how to use a local dealership’s website to buy a used car.

Do Your Research
This is the first and most important step. First and foremost, you have to look for dealerships in your area. For example searching for “used cars Los Angeles” in a search engine will help you find dealerships that sell used cars in the Los Angeles area. Once you have found where you want to look it is then important to know what you are looking for, narrowing your search down to the type of car you want – i.e. SUV vs. Sedan – then choosing the make and model. Once these steps are complete suggests a few tips like having specific questions for dealers, looking up vehicle history reports and conducting word of mouth research amongst friends and family.

Online Car Dealership vs. a Car Dealership Online
This is an important distinction to make. If you are searching for “used cars Los Angeles” online several websites will show up in your search results, some that exist purely on the internet and those that have physical showrooms as well as an internet presence. Sites like EBay Motors, CarsDirect and Autotrader cater exclusively to online clients with an exclusive online inventory. Other sites you will find will be the online extensions of dealerships with physical locations. These locations will have websites that will allow you to do research online, but will also have a physical location that will allow you to also have the traditional, face-to-face interactions of a physical dealership. Analyzing these websites is an important step in deciding what dealership to do business with. If their website looks like the online equivalent of a bad dealership commercial, then this may be someone that is more interested in making a buck rather than selling a car. While looking through a dealership’s website it should be easy to navigate and the information you are looking for should be straightforward and easy to find.

Going Straight to the Source
If you are searching for “used cars Los Angeles” then you will most likely want to go to a Los Angeles used car dealer. According to a poll conducted on most people prefer to conduct research online before buying cars at a physical location. Going to a local dealership’s website allows you to research their specific inventory, allowing you to know exactly what you want before setting foot in that particular dealership. Though there is a definite ease of buying a car online you will not have the ability to speak with someone face-to-face, ask specific questions, and – most importantly – physically examine the car you want to buy before you buy it.

Using a local dealership’s website to buy a used car allows you to do the necessary research on a specific vehicle you want in a specific location, taking the usual guesswork out of the used car buying experience and making you a better informed consumer.