Using a Dog Park

Dog Parks

Dog parks are popping up in many neighborhoods around the nation. Just as children flock to playgrounds and athletes flock to playing fields, dog owners are taking their furry pets to dog parks en masse. At the average dog park, you can observe a healthy congregation of dozens of dogs at one time – each with a personality that enlivens the bunch.

The major advantage of taking your dog to a dog park is that he will be socialized to interact with other animals. What’s more: especially if you live in an apartment building or in an area with limited back yard space, your dog will have the freedom to run wild (within the confines of the park, of course.)

Without much pressure from you or other people, your dog will take on a new personality. He will be surrounded by other canines in a frenzy and feel excited at the prospect of new friends. For this reason, you pet will enjoy trips to the dog park on a regular basis.

Typically, while their dogs run free within the one-acre park, their owners will gather around the fence to watch. During such occasions, dog owners meet their neighbors and become friends with similarly planned families. It is important to be open to meeting new friends if you are taking your dog to a dog park for the first time – relationships will inevitably be born.

Many dog owners also visit dog parks in an effort to find compatible breeds with which to have a litter. Therefore, if unless you are interested in having pups, it is important to have your dog spayed or neutered, as not all dogs in the parks are.

The lay-out for the standard dog park is simple. Indeed, it is the simplicity of it that allows the park to be replicated so frequently in so many areas. The park is a simple space, usually about one acre that is surrounded by a fence. Generally, dog owners do not enter within the confines of the dog park, thus, it is a place where dogs are free to do their business and interact without the influence of their owners.

Some dog parks also have training tools, such as hoops or logs, around which dog owners can train their dogs. Owners that desire to train their dogs should pick up a magazine or consult with a professional dog trainer for the best methods available on the market, as there are many practices followed regarding dog training.

The greatest benefit of using a dog park is that you get to enjoy watching the animal you love have a great time with new friends.