Uses Free Video Blogging

The Uses of Free Video Blogging

Free video blogging is probably one of the best examples of the so-called web 2.0 application of the internet. This is because people control the data in free video blogging sites. They provide the video blog entries and they control who gets to view it. As such, you may be able to imagine that there are many uses that people can have for free video blogging sites:

1) Personal expression – most people make use of free video blogging sites in order to express themselves. The freedom offered by free video blogging websites allows people not only to be heard, but to be seen as well. They are able to truly show the world their inner personalities. Free video blogging sites are ideal for these types of video blogs because, people think that other people’s lives are always interesting. This means that most people see themselves as voyeurs –looking within the lives of the rest of the world gives them a certain sense of satisfaction.

2) Spreading information and misinformation – many people swear by the principle of “to see is to believe”. Because of this, people generally believe that what they see in videos is real. There are those who, based on this principle, make use of free video blogging sites to spread information. However, we all know that the technology today enables people to do just about anything with videos. Because of this, we need to be cautious about believing what we see in free video blogging sites. Some people tend to use free blogging sites to spread wrong information. In fact, there are some people who make use of free video blogging to spread propaganda mainly for personal gain. By making use of free video blogging to discredit competition, some companies have access to virtually free advertising!

3) Advertising – still, there are companies who join as directors in free video blogging sites mainly for the purpose of promoting their business. You can observe this by looking at the various videos submitted by various networks on Youtube, one of the best –known free video blogging sites today. Through free video blogging sites, companies know that they are given direct access to consumers. It also serves as a challenge of sorts to the marketing department of a company. They need to come up with a video which will capture the interest of a usually easily bored web surfer.

4) Training – there are those people who make use of free video blogging sites in order to gain access to experts who can help them improve in a certain activity. These people put up videos of themselves engaging in sports, presentations, and performances, hoping to ask the world if they need to improve on anything. The audiences of such videos often respond enthusiastically and give the blogger some pointers on how to truly improve his or her training. There are a lot of fake experts out there, though, so a blogger has to be truly careful regarding whose advice to follow.

5) Directing – some people actually make use of free video blogging to hone their skills in making videos. As such, they may post a series of video blogs containing the evolution of their ideas to an actual mini-movie. Throughout the process, they may ask people for feedback regarding the things that they should do in order to improve the quality of the video.