Uses for a sun room

A Sunroom’s Uses Are Limited By Imagination Only
Adding a sunroom onto a house can be a big undertaking, but one that results in a lot of rewards when it’s completed. For those who delve into the project, the truth of a sunroom will soon become quite evident – a sunroom can serve any purpose a homeowner wants.

Although most people think of a sunroom as a simple porch, this doesn’t have to be the case. These additions can be as simplistic or as complicated as a homeowner desires. From basic gathering areas during outdoor functions to year-round rooms used for eating, cooking, working or just relaxing, a sunroom can be anything it needs to be.

The differences in what a sunroom can and cannot do are in the making. A room that’s meant only for relaxation and recreation during better weather should be designed that way from the start. One that will double as a formal dining room, music room or more should begin as that in the planning. The reasons for this area many, but mostly since construction and materials will differ depending on the use.

A basic recreational sunroom can take materials that aren’t rated for insulation purposes. This type of sunroom will generally cost quite a bit less, but it likely won’t be useable 365 days a year. Differences between this kind of room and an all season room involve the type of windows chosen, construction materials and even basic designs. These room aren’t meant to have heating and cooling added and generally if glass is chosen, it can be less expensive single-pane.

A year-round room can be of basic design, but its materials need to be carefully chosen. This means they should provide some insulation, especially if heating and cooling will be added to the room. If the insulation isn’t good, the room’s temperature control can and will cost a homeowner a small fortune, so careful planning is a must here.

When designing a sunroom, year-round or not, the actual design can also be as simplistic or as elaborate as an imagination will allow. These rooms range from simple square or rectangle designs with knee-walls to huge solariums with glass ceilings that provide some awesome star-gazing experiences at night.

Whether a sunroom is meant for pure fun or it has a utilitarian purpose as well, the key to creating a good one is to know what’s wanted and design accordingly. The desired use should dictate the design, not the other way around.