Useful but Inexpensive Landscaping Tools and Supplies

Many people are impressed with the beauty of well-groomed gardens and think that a lot of money is needed to maintain the landscape, however, it can be as simple and inexpensive as one chooses. All that is needed is a good set of basic tools that will help one who has an avid interest in the hobby.

Save yourself a lot of hassle, right from the beginning, and invest in a good shovel. You’ll need one that’s not going to break when you start trying to move hard dirt. The edge should also be durable and easily handle rocks and clay. It is best to have at hand a combination of different types of shovels when undertaking gardening projects.

A square ended shovel, while harder to drive into the dirt, can handle heavier loads. Such shovels are designed specially for heaps of soft earth and loose soil. Compost and manure-based fertilizer are easily distributed with this type of shovel as well.

A triangular spade is the best choice for digging large holes for planting and transplanting. Should you be limited to purchasing only one shovel, this would be the best bet for nearly all the chores. A telescope handle shovel has a long handle and a narrow blade, similar to a trowel. This type of shovel is useful for many weeding jobs and any jobs that require digging smaller holes.

You will definitely need a good set of gardening shears. With the variety available in the market today, you will be able to find a gardening set that is suitable for you. Most gardening shears have blades that are shaped like a moon. One side will be concave, while the other is convex. They do a wonderful job of pruning away withered flowers and dead branches. Some have a nice safety feature that allows them to lock in the closed position. It makes it far more convenient to be kept away.

Another must have for your gardening arsenal is an ordinary rake. There is more to them than meets the eye as they can be used for a greater variety of tasks. The job is more tidy when a rake is being used, compared to when a power leaf blower is being utilized. These tools are perfect for cleaning up twigs and stones from your lawn in the Spring or Fall.

Rakes are great for working seeds into the soil in a small area. It is strongly advised that you use a rake to get rid of objects from your garden, like stones and weeds. Metal rakes are becoming harder to find, but are worth the effort when compared to the lack of durability in the plastic ones.

A wheelbarrow is another essential piece of equipment for landscaping jobs. You will definitely appreciate it when your garden grows in size and you have to shift more pots around.

You’ll find that whether it’s manure-based fertilizer or topsoil or whatever the case may be, the job will be much easier if you dump it out of the wheelbarrow and spread it with the rake. If you have to lug a 40 lb bag around with you, it would be tedious to dispense the material from the bag.

There are many other tools that can make your landscaping jobs much easier. It is actually quite simple to prune trees with a pole saw or folding saw. A mattock is a good basic equipment to break up soil when you are weeding or transplanting. A hoe will be very useful, especially for planting. Gloves are a very good idea, not only for picking up prickly weeds, but also for preventing blisters. There are many others as well, including trimmers, watering cans and weeding tools just to name a few.

Better get started today!