Used Cubes Save Businesses Thousands. How and Why to Buy Them

Used cubicles save companies thousanads of dollars. Instead of buying new, you can get like new cubes for 70-90% off retail. It’s possible to spend just hundreds. Used cubicles are available all over the country. They can typically be delivered and installed in one week rather than several weeks. Used cubes are designed to fit any space, per the tenants requirements and time frame. Smart companies have been quite satisfied by saving time and money to grow their business and make money rather than spending money on expensive new furniture.

Used cubicles are available in an unending variety of sizes and configurations to fit any business owners office space and needs. They are by their nature designed to work in any space and any environment. Finishes are typically neutral and look great with existing or new carpet and paint. Cubicles have their own power and data capability which means computers and phones will be up and running without delay or expensive tenant improvements. Cubicles also come with different heights. This is great depending on which type of employee will use the cubicle. A telemarketing room would benefit with low wall cubes. This way a shift supervisor could glance across the room and see what is going on. For higher management, taller and larger cubes are typically preferred. This cut noise way down and offers more privacy. Cubicles can create an artificial private office. Cubicles provide great storage solutions. They have capabilities of overhead storage and under desk storage. This allows the employee to store files, personal belongings, pens paper, etc. The workspace surface of cubicles is typically much larger than that of office desks. This frees up clutter, mess, and makes the office look that much more professional. ItÂ’s no wonder that most corporations utilize cubicles over personal offices.

Big corporations routinely relocate and purchase all new furniture for their employees. They leave behind cubicles that have a life warranty by the manufacturer. This furniture can be installed in a company and made to look like new. Cubicles will outlast multiple owners without significant wear and tear. Because these cubicles are made to be modular they can be reconfigured into specific needs and plans without any costly new parts or pieces. These cubes sell for pennies on the dollar because it is expensive to dismantle and store them. Because of this, corporations liquidate their used cubes. The buyer must then come in and take them apart and load them on a truck. The good news for the end user is that there are many companies who take care of the buying, dismantling, storing, and delivery process.

There are companies out there that specialize in used office furniture. There is one in almost every major City, and it’s possible to buy used cubes in small quantities, or the even the whole lot for their office needs.