Use What You Don’t Want as a Powerful Manifesting Tool!

Consciously using the Law of Attraction is a powerful way to create your reality. By having a clear vision of what you want and spend time focusing on it through visualization or writing, you become magnetic to it. But as you spend more time focusing on your vision, something else happens. Not only will you attract what you are focusing on, you will also attract things that you weren’t consciously aware of. Sometimes this can be things you don’t really want.

Recently I experienced something I didn’t really enjoy and noticed I started to feel frustrated that I had manifested it. But then I realized (or received guidance from my Spirit Guides) that it is not a failure when you attract things you don’t like. Actually, it can be a huge help for you…

When you begin to experience things you don’t like, allow yourself to detach from it if you can and look at it from a different perspective.

Rather than thinking “why did I attract this?” which can be a bit like beating yourself up, see it purely as information that you now have to help you clarify what you do what!

Sometimes the best way to get clear about what you do want is to experience what you don’t want first…

So how can you use this in your life?

Don’t immediately see it as a bad thing that you have attracted something you don’t want. See it as something that can help you become that much closer to what you truly want! Let me show you how.

Say you have been focusing on attracting a new relationship into your life. You end up meeting someone and going on a date. At the date you begin to realize that this person is not what you want.

A lot of people would get frustrated because although they are seeing some results, they are not the results they want. So rather than staying in frustration, after your date you go home and begin to point out the things that you didn’t like about this person, maybe it was his attitude, how you felt around him… whatever it is, you write down specifically what you didn’t like. Writing it down is the most powerful as it takes it from your mind and into concrete form you can work with.

So now that you have it written out, you ask yourself, “If this is what I don’t want, what do I want?”

Maybe you didn’t like that he was an impatient person and you felt rushed everywhere you went. You take this and realize what you do want, so you write it down, “my new partner is relaxed and goes with the flow”.

Simple but powerful! Gets you out of frustration (not the state you can manifest what you want in anyway), back to feeling good and having a clearer picture of what you really want.

Clarity also leads to faster manifesting, what a powerful thing to do, use what you don’t want to clearly define what you do want!

Copyright (c) 2007 Fia Crandall