Use Videoblogging Tricks

Making Magic: Some Videoblogging Tricks You can Use

Videoblogging is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. To those who do not know, videoblogging is the act of expressing your thoughts, your life and anything you like using a series of videos and then posting this videos on the internet.

Think of it as an online journal which you can share to the whole world. Of course, people who engage in this activity want to have as many people as possible watching their videos. In order to ensure that your video blog will be watched by many people, here are some videoblogging tricks that you can use:

1) Shock them – in order to capture the interest of the audience, some people resort to shocking that interest out of them. The element of surprise can help you get past all of the “defenses” of a person and help you get their interests. When being introduced to new information such as a videoblog, people tend to have some preconceptions that restrain them from fully accepting the information.

This diminishes the interest before you even have the chance to introduce your videoblog. Shocking the interest out of your audience, however, is a pretty hard videoblogging trick to pull off.

Some people do it by discussing controversial topics. Others do it by introducing their video blog with a shocking image or statement. One thing you should keep in mind, however, is the transition. You need to make the transition from shocking to interesting as smooth as possible.

2) Be concise – you need to make your point and make it quick. You will lose the interest of your audience if you ramble about things that they cannot relate to. One of the biggest disadvantages of the videoblog is the fact that audiences cannot skip to the “juicy parts” as it were. Because of this, you need to make sure that every second of your videoblog is juicy, even if it means fewer seconds. Nobody likes to have their time wasted, you know. This videoblogging trick will help you ensure the continued support of your audience.

3) Use effects –there are various special effects that you can use to keep your videoblog interesting. Because of the technology available today, any videoblogger can add a variety of special effects to a video. There are generally two types of effects you can use in videoblogging: visual and audio. This nifty videoblogging trick can help keep the content fresh and interesting. This will also help you emphasize certain points in your videoblog.

4) Use different styles – most people just talk to the camera every time they put up a videoblog entry. This style is definitely boring. You need to have something happening around you if you want to catch the interests of other people. There are various styles you can use. Some people just make mini-movies in order to keep their audiences entertained while expressing themselves. This videoblogging trick is important in order to keep your audience captivated by your blog as a whole. This will keep them guessing as to what you will do next in your videoblog. This will help give the impression that they are watching a show and not just observing a video blog.

These are just some of the more-commonly used videoblogging tricks today. These videoblogging tricks are sure to keep people coming back to watch the next episode of your life.