Use Of Web 2.0 Online Video to Drive Traffic & Sales

Internet has made the transition from Web 1.0 which is html and static links to interactive, dynamic and user driven sites called Web 2.0. Web 2.0 sites are now the highly traffic spots that had been used by a lot of online marketers to boost their sales or services. Online video distribution & sharing is one of the key web 2.0 tools to expose your business to the world.

The use of video is an effective and simple way building a solid relationship with your clients. Video has truly arrived in the online marketing world. Basically, what we will see is every website on the internet becoming its own broadcasting system on the subject matter covered by the niche.

The 3 basic formulas of using video to drive traffic to your website involve:

  • How to make an effective internet friendly video
  • Must clear deliver your marketing message
  • Where you should submit your video for maximum exposure

Internet Friendly Video

Although stats shows that 70% of net surfer are now using broadband to connect to internet, but if you video file is too big and take long time to load even with the broadband speed, you are out. Psychologically, most internet surfer’s patient only stand for 6 – 8 seconds, they will "click away" if they need to wait too long for the file to load because they have other better options from many other website with the same topics. Hence, to make your video marketing work, the first thing you should look into is your video file format, Flash SWF is a better format then AVI format as the SWF file size tend to be smaller than AVI file size. There are many online video making and conversion tools available online where you can use to convert your file to a format that can load almost real time on internet and keep your potential customers at your side.

Clearly Deliver Your Marketing Message

No body wants to spend 30 minutes to watch your company history before the video go into the key topic. Hence, make sure your video is short and targeted to key marketing message.

Video Submission & Distribution

If you want market with video online, you video must get seen. So you need to submit your video to Web 2.0 Video sharing sites. You probably heard about YouTube & MySpace or you even watched the videos shared from these sites before. You are probably one of the millions users who are searching and looking for short video clips daily. There are online marketers who spend about 20 minutes to make a short video clip and upload to these sites and netted with the traffic and thousands in sales as an affiliate. This is the powerful of video marketing. Other then YouTube and MySpace, the recommended Web 2.0 sites to submit your video are:

  • Google Video – You’ll need to download a small piece of software in order to upload your video, but the extra 10 minutes makes it well worth your while for months to come!
  • Yahoo Video – Smaller than Google Video and YouTube but still a lucrative place to upload your promo to.
  • SoapBox dot com – An MSN video site.
  • MetaCafe – Like google video they offer desktop software to make uploading easier on their users.
  • PhotoBucket – has a Web 2.0 enabled video space.
  • Webshots owned by CNET also offering website traffic opportunities through online video sharing.
  • Netscape’s video sharing is at Ning dot com.

In Summary,

Web 2.0 sites are current and futures hot spots for highly traffic sites. You can drive traffic from these sites using online video clips. Making an internet friendly video clips and submit to Web 2.0 video sharing sites will drive significant internet traffic to your websites and let you make more sales.