USANA Scam? Are You Looking For The Truth About The USANA Business Model?

Since 1992, USANA has been manufacturing and distributing products all over the world. It’s always interesting to me when I get questions from people who are asking whether or not an MLM company is a scam.

With USANA, the answer is definitely no, but before I continue in this article I just wanted to give you a quick disclaimer. I’m not affiliated with USANA in any way, I don’t use their products, and I don’t sponsor people into a USANA downline. However, I’ve been involved with the MLM profession for the last seven years and I can tell you from experience some things that you wouldn’t be able to see on the surface.

To people who are at all familiar with Network Marketing laws that have been established in the USA for more than 30 years, it becomes obvious quite quickly that USANA is not only an excellent Network Marketing company, but that they fall within all of the legal requirements of a legitimate home based business in every established economy in the world.

Not only does USANA meet with strict FTC guidelines, but they have won several international awards for their compensation plan, products, and how they treat their sales force. Quite frankly, USANA is a positive force in the MLM profession world wide and many companies would do good to envy the work that they’ve done over the last 17 years.

This question generally stems from a lack of understanding of the legal parameters for MLM businesses in the United States, and mistaking a legitimate Multi Level Marketing opportunity with a Pyramid Scam. Most people who don’t understand law haven’t taken the time to study the background behind the cases that took place in the early 70’s in the USA. You just have to look at a few aspects of USANA to know that they provide legitimate value to the market place.

First of all, they have an excellent science based product. This is one aspect of USANA that no one can touch. There are more scientific articles written about USANA’s nutritional products than almost any other vitamin company on Earth. I don’t even use their products (although I’m thinking about it), and I can’t deny this.

Second, their compensation plan has one of the most balanced payouts in the MLM industry. While I don’t particularly like binary compensation plans (they’re just not my preference) they have been proven to work with excellent results in the MLM industry over the last 10 years, and USANA has a pay plan with higher average earnings than almost any company that exists. This compensation plan has been tested against all international regulations and stands on it’s own.

Third, look what the actual distributors who have been with the company a long time are saying about it. It’s a pretty rare phenomenon to run into a company with such raving reviews from even the people who aren’t earning the big checks. The verdict is simple – USANA is NOT a scam.

If you’re going to become involved in the USANA business, rather than wasting your time wondering whether or not this business model is a scam, it would greatly benefit you to learn instead the critical skills that you need to understand to take your USANA business to the next level, and recruit your first distributors.