Usages Of Plastic Or Synthetic Label

A label is an identity of a product. Labels are used for product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings, and other communication. There are various types of label according to materials. But Plastic label is stronger and more durable than other kinds of labels.

Special types of labels called digital labels can also have special applications such as RFID tags, security printing, and sandwich process labels.

Why use plastic label:

1. Synthetic plastic label is strong and durable, even in extended exposure to sun, heat, cold and wind. It withstands extreme temperatures (from -100°F – 270°F, -56°C – 104°C)

2. Water and chemical resistant for harsh environments and resists tearing, puncturing and weathering.

3. Can be sewn or glued without losing strength.

4. FDA direct food contact approved. Resists fading for long-lasting colors.

5. Resists rot and mildew, perfect for outdoor use

6. Reasonably priced and easy to print

There are various types of synthetic labels such as-Recyclable, Apparel Tags & Labels, Automotive Labels, Barcode Tags & Labels, Brick Tags & Labels, Carpet Label (Sew-in), Chemical Drum Labels, Compliance Labels ,Law Labels, Pharmaceutical Labels, Pressure Sensitive Labels, Weather-Resistant Labels, etc.

Uses of different types of synthetic labels:

Data flex Synthetic label: This is the only synthetic label you can use with an inkjet printer – and it’s weatherproof too! The ink doesn’t run, because the softer porous surface of the label absorbs the ink. Because of its flexible nature it’s available in a limited number of shapes.

Starburst Synthetic Labels: Starburst shaped labels are used for displays – in vibrant fluorescents and colors, soft tints, or cool whites. Use gold or silver foil stars for school merit certificates.

Oval Synthetic Labels: Oval labels can add an interesting touch to your project or product. They are ideal for labeling such things as cosmetics.

Bottle & Other Synthetic Labels: You can use this label on bottle. These labels are designed to look right on bottles. Bottle labels are available in every material and every color.

Media – CD/ DVD Synthetic Labels: It is used on CDs, DVDs, Audio cassettes, Video tapes.

The cost of synthetic labels is not that much greater than paper but often gives a better finish as well as being longer-lasting. These labels can be plain or printed and are produced in various formats such as rolls for thermal transfer printing and sheets for laser printing.