Usage of Drugs in Sports

Sports drug abusers use illegal drugs to enhance their performance in the events. There are two types of cases in usage of drugs in sports. One is accidental and another one is intentional drugs usage.

Accidental Usage:
In this case there are certain instances, it may not the athlete’s fault, especially if the athlete adopt self-medication for minor illnesses. As some drug substances are readily available in the market for the medical purposes, athletes are very much prone to mishandle these drugs. For example, most cough and cold medicines and painkillers contain minimum amounts of alcohol and other drugs. As a consequence, the abuser has to be guilty for what he actually didn’t intended to do.

Another case is, when the coaches and physical trainers involved in the drug abuse without the knowledge of the athlete himself. There are many examples in the history of the sports where athletes became scapegoats for the selfishness of others. Therefore, athletes must take cautions against taking such medications without proper instruction or they may end up watching the games as spectators.

Intentional Usage:
However, there are athletes who purposely abuse drugs. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is not new. The usage of drugs is done for several reasons; these may range from performance improvement to cover the presence of other illegal drugs. Substances used as ergogenic aids will increase size, endurance and stamina of the athletes.

Possible risks of Drug Abuse:

Steroids deliver numerous unpleasant side effects, as well as some, which pose threats to health and even to life. Many adverse effects that can occur with this sort of drugs are often associated with heart failure.

The athletes are using a number and variety of drugs, which is very alarming. Now and then there are cases of drug abuse in sports, which has become common news. The sports involved in the drug abuse include long-distance running, weight lifting, swimming and soccer. Today, the world-record performances and reports of positive drug tests are almost endemic of any major sports event.

To control this menace, all the sections of people who involve in sports must go hand in hand and not undermine one another. More emphasis should be given on educating and encouraging athletes, not to abuse drugs. Otherwise sports will be reduced to an issue of drugs, money and chaos.