US Patent

Can be stated as an service that is granted by the government and the creator of such patent is conferred with the sole rights in regards with the usage, making and the selling of the invention. After a certain thing is invented the creator of this invention, needs to go through a procedure to get this patent on a technology or a product. There are various steps of getting a patent and numerous reasons for getting the same.

The process of getting a patent registered is not an easy process and the inventor needs to go through a long legal process. The US Patent can be categorized under three sections i.e. utility patents, design patents and plant patent. Plant Patent can be granted to any person who discovers or invents and replicates any different variety of plant, asexually.

The utility patents can be granted to any person who discovers or invents an innovative and helpful article of manufacture, process, composition of matter or machine etc. The design patents can be granted to any person who creates and innovative ornamental and original pattern for a product to be manufactured.

The US Patent office is an organization of the U.S Department of Commerce. The chief function of this organization is to permit patents for protecting the valuable inventions and to grant them with the trademarks. This procedure recognizes the efforts of the inventors thus granting their inventions as a technology or a product

The US Patent office, in regards to the discharge of the duties of the patent, studies the grants and applications as to whether the filed patents fit in the parameters of registration process. This office also distributes and publishes the information of the patent, maintains the search files of U.S and foreign patents etc. The US Patent office distributes the copies of the official records and patents on a public level. Training is also provided to the practitioners by this office.

The procedure of getting a patent includes a thorough survey of the market that you wish to enter. One of the most significant steps of getting a patent is that the inventor needs to prove that there was no prior effort done for such kind of invention.

Last but no the least the inventor needs to make an application to the USPTO to be eligible to qualify for the legal procedure. With all these essential steps of getting a US Patent, you can get your invention on a technology or as a product.