Urine Therapy: A cure for all diseases

The battle rages on whether Urine therapy is fact or fiction and whether it does work or it doesn’t. So much has been written on the subject it’s hard to know who to believe. If you were to type in “urine therapy” into any of the major search engines you will find an incredible amount of websites all giving their own opinion.

Every time I searched, the top website was one from Robert Todd Carroll who in a comical way shot down all those who believe it to be the best thing since sliced bread. This could be said that Urine therapy was one of the Alternative medical cures he was going to give a miss.

But on the other hand there were more for the idea that it worked than against. One notable person whose writing was very convincing was that from Martha Christy who to me had done a lot of research on the subject although some of the dates she mentioned on this web page seemed a little dated.

There’s no doubt that the list of diseases she claims that Urine therapy will cure is very impressive and that the way she writes about is very plausible yet you can’t get over the fact urine is a waste product that we all produce several times a day, and no matter what people will try to tell you it will always have that stigma about it.

Alternative medicine is becoming big business for some sectors and if a person has any form of illness that is not responding or can’t be cured by conventional medicine they will try anything.

Yes we all read about sensational and remarkable cures to illness that has deemed to be hopeless and I do wonder at times is this a mind over matter situation, but there’s no doubt that if this type of thing works for those who do believe I think it’s great. The body is a very complicated piece of machinery and we are learning more each day yet the people who do believe in Urine therapy will tell you this has been around for thousands of years.

To sum up I think that Urine therapy is one of things you would have to make your own mind up on as there is so much information it’s hard to no who to believe.