Upscale Sunrooms

Upscale And Sunroom Do Go Together
Let’s face it, not all sunrooms are just like grandma’s back porch. In fact, with the right designs, lighting, landscaping and furnishings, some sunrooms take upscale to a whole new level.

For those who want to create an elegant environment within their sunroom just right for entertaining some careful consideration of furnishings will be in order. Going from a completed shell to a finished showpiece isn’t all that difficult, but the type of room that’s been created will come into play. The suggested furnishings will vary depending on whether the room offers climate controls.

A room that’s meant for year-round, upscale entertaining will need to begin first in the design. For maximum effect, go with a sunroom that’s elegant in its lines and includes weatherproofing and climate control. All glass with a glass ceiling sets itself up to be the perfect location for a dinner party, garden party and more.

Now, think overall decorator theme. If the room is large and it’s meant for entertaining, keep seating and colors in mind. Play upon the natural setting available and go for soft lighting within, relying more on candlelight and moonlight for nighttime parties. Make furnishings elegant, but functional and be certain to not go so elaborate that designs within the room take away from the real show – the sky at night or the garden during the day.

To truly set a sunroom apart as an upscale location for entertaining, pay close attention to outside details as well. The yard within which the sunroom has been built should be landscaped accordingly. The effect of bringing the outdoors in can really make a statement all its own. Flowers, hedges, koi ponds and even fountains and backyard waterfalls and pools can really add a lot to an overall design.

If upscale entertaining is only part of the room’s potential uses, choose items for furnishing that can be dressed up or down as needed. Solid tables that work well with kids and crayons during the day and white linen and fine china at night might be in order.

Take advantage of the natural setting, play it up and decorate accordingly. For an atrium look, include an indoor garden as well along with soft lights to create a serene environment for any occasion.

A sunroom that’s designed for all seasons brings with it a world of possibilities for family living and home entertainment. An upscale appearance is not out of order and is quite attainable if careful planning in the design stage takes place.