Upright Vacuum, Canister Vacuum, Bag or Bagless – So Many Decisions

There are various aspects in choosing a vacuum cleaner that most people don’t even consider until it comes time to replace the trusty carpet cleaner that they have been using for some time now. Many of these components have no impact on the operation of the vacuum as a whole but will give a much easier use of the machine itself, while other aspects will in fact be relevant to the overall function of the vacuum cleaner.

These are just a few of the basic points to consider:

1. What kind of flooring do you have?

Make sure that you are looking for carpet cleaning device that is suitable for the floor in your home. If you have carpeted and wooden areas you need to ensure the vacuum cleaner can do the job sufficiently on both surfaces. This generally means attachments or alterations to the cleaner head to adapt to the surface you are vacuuming.

2. Bag or No Bag?

Vacuum cleaners with replaceable bags increase the overall cost of the unit as you are required to purchase bags on a regular basis. If you have a unit that has replaceable bags then you need to ensure that they are regularly replaced as suction can be reduced when the bags get clogged up and this will cause the unit to release dirt back into the air.

Bagless vacuum cleaners however also may leak dust, mold spores, fungus, dust mites, and bacteria particles back into the air however in the long term be a lower cost option as you will not be required to purchase vacuum bags.

3. Metal or Plastic or a Mixture?

Plastic used in a carpet cleaning unit will make the unit much lighter than if metal components are used. However the benefit of metal is that it is a much longer wearing material and while the unit itself will be heavier it should be a longer lasting proposition.

4. Comfort in Use.

You want to ensure that the vacuum cleaner you purchase will be comfortable when you are cleaning your flooring. You need to ensure that the height of the unit when it is fully assembled will be suitable for your height so that you are not constantly bending or stretching in an awkward position when you use the vacuum cleaner. There are different options of cleaner from upright vacuum cleaners to canister vacuum cleaners and the comfort of either unit is left to the user.

5. Gadgets or No Gadgets?

There are many vacuum cleaners sold at higher prices due to the extra attachments that come with the machine. The machine itself may clean no better than a lower cost model so make sure that the attachments that are with the unit are actually something that is beneficial to your needs in your home or work place. There is no point spending more on a unit with lots of added gadgets only to never actually use these on a regular basis.

6. Don’t Forget the Warranty

Make sure that you check the warranty of the unit you are intending to purchase. A good quality vacuum cleaner is not a short time appliance and you should research thoroughly for just this reason. You want a unit that will have a reasonable warranty period should there be any manufacturing issues so make sure that this information is clear before you part with your money.

These are only some of the details that you need to consider when you are purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, there are others but these few steps will get you started in the right direction. When you do have a bit more of an idea of what you might be looking for, make sure you check out all the places you can, including the internet, for any special features or benefits of a particular unit, as well as checking for special prices.